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New here- from Brissy


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Hi my name is Tonya. I am not new at owning Bettas, I have had them throughout my life and have always loved them. I only recently discovered that there are other varieties besides VT. I have 2 male VT and 1 CT male, may have VT genes too but his flare is deffinatly CT! I have 2 females. One I am deffinate is a VT and I am unsure about the other, but could be a CT. I have pics and will upload them soon. I hope to try my first attempt at breeding soon. I would love to get a pair of HMs. I have 3 children ages almost 8, 5 and 1. The older 2 LOVE their Bettas. The youngest does too but not sure she knows what they are yet LOL. Will try to get pics up tomorrow.


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Thank you for all the Welcomes! I did see that there is a Betta show on in Brisbane... I am trying to convince my husband. I think that the kids would love it. Anyway here are a few pics.

Unknown female. Please tell me what you think she is.



CT Male



VT Males



VT Female (Sorry not a great pic, She is camera shy)



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