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Beautiful Badis Badis


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Two of my male Badis were having a little spar today. Fins were flared and colours were intense. I havent had these for long and just have a few males and females in my planted tank.

From what ive read they are easy to breed and embrace just like bettas, but use caves as nests.




the randoms are these 2. A Yoyo loach and a peppermint :giggle:



Cheers Phil

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Yep they seem to be easy to look after, basically all ive done is put them into the tank and thats about it, altho it is a very established planted tank and all the fish in that tank are going great.

I have searched too and not found that much info, i found one nice pic on the net, and am happy to see mine so impressive as the photo i found then.

Not too sure if they are in spawn mode, or territory defence, there are 3 pairs there so perhaps a pair has done something beind the driftwood that i do not know about. Guess i will find out soon hey :lol:

But yeah, worth getting these fish. I got lilli 2 pairs and i havent noticed it but once hers were let into her tank, they changed colour depending on where they were resting, that was correct wasnt it lilli?

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