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Hi From Mark


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Hi Everyone :( I am just new to this forum so I think I should start but letting you know what Nicolle and I have in our Sydney home: Our big tank is 150 litre Aqua One 850 (850mm wide) :blush: Small tank is a round ex vase about 10 litres :blush: The big tank has gravel and a few rocks, one huge chunk of wood that Java covered and has hidey holes and secret dark places. Another small bit of wood forms a tunnel. Its pretty well planted with ‘normal’ sort of plants. We are looking for a variety of plants esp foreground plants that don’t harbour hair algy. DYI CO2 is very good. The small tank is a sand base withs ome pebbles and plants. Its kinda like our hospital tank / grow out tank / nookie tank <- but no nookie has been successful yet! We have had 3 Bettas but that have passed on and we are looking for a breeding pair, but we will talk about that later when we have settled into this forum. In the big tank: :lol: 2 Bristlenose cat fish – one we know is a boy, the other has tiny bristles like a days growth of beard. We hope she may be a girl as she is much smaller and hasn’t grown as fast as him. 5 harlequin rasboras. They do funny dances! 5 lemon Tetras 3 Neon Tetras. Their flashing colour is so good in a tank. 2 Albino Coreys – called the Marshmallows! I Glass catfish called Bottle. Glass died :( 1 Platy, female mum called Jaffette, Jaffa died but she kept popping out the kids. 1 Guppy, Mrs Guppy. We just saw 4 babies last night! Mr Guppy was killed by Mrs Guppy about a month ago. The babies are crystal clear so we are so excited to see their colours as the parents were the most wonderful lemon colours in what looked like etchings on his tail. In the little tank: :( One Bristlenose catfish same as above have very small bristles so we hope shes a girl. If we have 3 boys we will try an exchange with someone. And we have 6 Plattys from 3 different litters. These are all the most perfect Plattys you have seen. Perfect orange and perfect black on their fins and huge yellow eye surrounds. One has clear fins and is called Crystal. So this is their grow out tank. They play the whole time. So (if you are still reading!) you now know our family. We have lots of problems like getting the exact right balance of fish, having a few deaths, and the get the right Bettas. Thanks for letting us join :) Mark

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You have an awful lot of babies for people with a nookieless nookie tank.. Imagine what you will have once that gets cranking!  ;)  :fish:


Yep, the just go behind the bushes! It certainly keeps the off spring to the survival of the fittest, which isnt a bad thing I spose.

Lilli we are from Bondi Beach. Thats actually why we put sand into the small tank as a homage to our home... but real beach sand is far too dark so we ended up using 'silver sand' for hermit crabs.

Faewyn, we try to name them something unique so we remember them. So the 2 Glass catfish were called Bottle and Glass, orange Plattys Jaffa and Jaffette etc :fish: Its kinda fun ;)

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