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What killies are available in AUS?


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Hey guys

Recently I got a pair of Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum Ijebu Ode from Serkan and have raised a couple of fry to juvies from them. Since I have some spare tank space I am thinking about adding another type of killi to my collection. So far I am thinking Ap. striatum or maybe even an annual species.

Can anyone tell me what annual speicies are available in Aus?

Also anyone know if Aphyosemion splendopleure are in the country?

My Ijebu Ode juvie males:


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Serkan,killiguy or David would be best from memory nothobranchius are the main no no killi but some people In aus do have them. Epiplatys and aphyosemion are both allowed

the main thing is availability/sourcing species can sometimes be hard especially since most of our fish inports come from south east Asia

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Thanks everyone :)

They are a beautiful fish.

In those two pictures the Ijebu ode kinda remind me of bettas (wild type bettas) in both body shape and finnage.

JamesL - Serkan has already seen the pictures ;) I will send him a PM.


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yah stunning.
found the answer to your q :)
Serkan answered it on another forum when i asked a few months ago :)

"Currently on the allowable import list we only have Aphyosemion (which within it encompasses genera Fundulopanchax, Chromaphyosemion, Mesoaphyosemion, Roloffia etc.), Epiplatys and the Asian genus Aplocheilus.

The Eurasian genus Aphanius, South American Rivulus and all the peat spawning genera from there (Simpsonichthys etc.), and the African peat spawning genus Nothobranchius are not on the allowable import list.

I would imagine for the Rivulus it is just a case that no one tried to put it on the allowable import list as it occupies the same niche as Aphyosemion in Africa, but it just happens to be from South America."

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I know someone/LFS has had nothos in before. But I think only rachovii.

I thought it was an issue with the peat moss the eggs of annuals were transported in/ the fact you can't identify species based on their eggs that is the main reason why you don't see them in Oz. However, I could be wrong.

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