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  1. ^^^ Thanks mate. Much appreciated! What about annuals (Northos)?
  2. Thanks everyone They are a beautiful fish. In those two pictures the Ijebu ode kinda remind me of bettas (wild type bettas) in both body shape and finnage. JamesL - Serkan has already seen the pictures I will send him a PM. .
  3. Hey guys Recently I got a pair of Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum Ijebu Ode from Serkan and have raised a couple of fry to juvies from them. Since I have some spare tank space I am thinking about adding another type of killi to my collection. So far I am thinking Ap. striatum or maybe even an annual species. Can anyone tell me what annual speicies are available in Aus? Also anyone know if Aphyosemion splendopleure are in the country? My Ijebu Ode juvie males:
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