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2013 Aquascaping competition

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So you think you can scape scape scape

Think you can do better than the image above? Yeah? Well good luck with that!

It's time again for the Ausaqua Aquascaping Competition, but we want to hear your feedback first.

What sizes of tanks should we consider?

Do you want a novelty section?

Have you got any suggestions?

What's a good lead-time so you can prepare your tanks?

This time round it'll be a bit more involved - there will be multiple prizes for Australian entries (to be confirmed) and a pretty special judge (top secret, to be confirmed)

EXXXXXXELLENT, time to get a peek into everyone's tanks for the annual AusAquascape COMP!

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This is exciting news we were just thinking how to redo our shrimp scape (they are being relocated to a larger tank)

And a new clown killi scape so perfect timing

Size categories: small mid and large? Nano if you feel so inspired

novelty could be a laugh

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My suggestions

Pico <5L (Betta tank only class?)

Nano 6-10L (Betta and/or shrimp only class?)

Standard 11-40L

Community 41-100L

Mega 100L +

Definitely a novelty class, for any size tank!

How about a biotope/natural environment recreation class?

Can we have marine/reef entries?

I would say 2 months is a fair time frame to set up (or fix up) tanks and let them establish.

There's my 2c worth. :D

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Thanks for that guys, I've solidified the classes so we can get started on planning our scapes - a bit of a different approach to last year's comp. (here goes)

AusAquaScape Competition 2013

You know it's serious when she's using hyper colourrrrrr

From June 5 - September 5 (6:00pm) you have time to put together your dream aquascape, to re-vamp your old scape or simply trim and shoot your amazing aquascape.

This year's classes focus on size, style and suitability. These classes are open to Cold water / Tropical / Marine tank entries.

Nano Tanks:

Any tank under 10litres with any stock, including shrimp, betta, marine etc.

Focus on aquascape design / plant growth / suitability of stock

Betta Tanks:

Any sized tank, show us your setup for Betta wilds or splendens - this could include a large tank divided, a single large tank for a spoilt betta, or a sorority tank for the girls (please exclude tanks that are barracks systems with no scape)

Focus on aquascape design / plant growth

Community Tanks:

Any tank greater than 10 litres, list what fish you have in there, and show us how you keep your community happy!

Focus on aquascape design / plant growth / suitability of stock / filtration & setup

Novelty Tanks:

Any size, any shape, any style - get lady GA GA on your scape, the more creative the better.

Focus on imaginative design / fish saftey


Any size Iwagumi style aquascape, check this description of Iwagumi from Wikipedia: "Amano's compositions draw on Japanese gardening techniques that attempt to mimic natural landscapes by the asymmetrical arrangement of masses of relatively few species of plants, and carefully selected stones or driftwood. The objective is to evoke a landscape in miniature, rather than a colorful garden."

HERE Are some excellent examples of Iwagumi style scapes

Focus on design / Hard and Soft scape (rocks n plants) / plant growth / fish selection


Any size biotype / naturalistic style aquascape...

Again another description from Wikipedia: "Biotope aquascapes are designed instead to replicate exactly a particular aquatic habitat at a particular geographic location, and not necessarily to provide a gardenlike display. Plants and fish need not be present at all, but if they are, they must match what would be found in nature in the habitat being represented, as must any gravel and hardscape"

Essentially the most natural looking scape you can conjure, suitable for your fish.

Focus on realism / Scaping choices / Fish selection


September 5th is the last day you can submit entries (by 6pm) please forward these to melbournebetta@gmail.com

Within this email I'll need you to fill out the following:


Forum username:


Tank category: (i.e. nano etc)

Title of Aquascape:

How many lt is this scape?:

What fish are in this scape?:

What plants are in this scape?:

What filtration/maintenance comments do you have on this scape?

Please note that the photos you send can't have your name on 'em, so no watermarks - I will put them up anonymously so people can vote.

As an individual you can enter as many of your tanks as you like - however each tank must be DIFFERENT

(for example enter one nano with your 9lt, enter your sorority into the betta class & your tetra tank into the community tank class)

This time round I'll have a bit of a celebrity judge looking over the entries (to be confirmed)

As well as ACTUAL prizes - that will be posted out, even interstate (taking various restrictions into account)

The prizes will be announced closer to the end-date (but stay tuned for fishkeeping items such as plants, aquascape related tools, fish food etc, more on that as I shmooze my way around collecting prizes)

And of course, there will be a winning banner for your signature so everyone KNOWS how amazeballs you is.

Your time starts.................... now!

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