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  1. Got a spawn tonight from my first ever home bred boy who is now over 6mths old- Copper with Black-mask Marble Butterfly Dragon HM which came from my Black Platinum Dragon HM x White blue marble HM spawn last july (my first spawn ever). I bred him with a Black Orchid female I imported this week from Betta Hero in Thailand. someone sure conditions her quarantine fish!! So the boy blue a HUGE nest over night and i thought i'd let them play for an hour... went back... and you guessed it they had already done the deed. Lots of eggs as far as I can see ATM. Female already removed and in post mating treatment jar with melafix and salt etc. I'm hoping to build a black orchid line out of this spawn, I've got some other black unsexed fry from An Vu that had black orchid parents. My boy might carry a platinum dragon gene from his dad, so if I cross him back to my platinum dragon spawn that could also be interesting! Fingers crossed for some fry in a day or two You can see the female below going to pick up some eggs and the male is just under the nest. A better pic of the dad
  2. need more pics in all your logs BRENTON!
  3. Well both of these parents died unfortunately. Dad met with a freak accident involving sudden water ph change (my fault, purigen wasn't rinsed enough apparently after I cleaned it in bleach ) and mum passed away while I was in the Uk (nearly made it, but died just before i returned home of unknown causes- probably poor water quality or maybe killed by the males in there which i had thought were females before I left). Good news though, I've got a STUNNING lot of young fish ranging from just like dad to somewhat like mum. One of them is most definitely male and most gorgeous. I'll be keeping several of these guys to continue my platinum dragon lines, and I'd like to add some different colours too my gene pool eventually. Roughly half are quite large, and the other half have a lot of growing to do- but considering that for half their life they were pet sat in suboptimal conditions I'm amazed they're all still alive! I even found one that hadn't been fed for 5 weeks as it was still out the back in the original spawn tank! Tough little dudes! boy example of the others
  4. Ok so the ones I kept (3) all turned out to be male... but... I'm proud to say that they are all STUNNING. I've sent the yellow finned silver marble pictured above to An Vu, in return for some black orchid juvies which hopefully one will be male . The silver/copper marble butterfly I kept with a black mask has just spawned tonight with a beautiful (now tattered) black orchid half-moon girl (see new post).
  5. Ok so these guys turned out to be quite unusual. I got red, red loss, coppers, blues, platinums/platinum dragons Out of this spawn I am keeping a SILVER butterfly female with huge finnage (technically copper i guess but she is silver rather than copper looking), a platinum dragon with black marbling and yellow fins and black lace (? not sure what to call her) and a copper with amazing red through her fins and a Platinum butterfly with black marbling. Entire spawn was female. Brenton has bought about 10 of these girls, so i am sure you will see them around on the forum I have hopes to cross the yellow platinum girl with a yellow HM boy from Adam Franz, or to a platinum dragon. The white and black marble will be crossed to either and or both of platinum dragon and black/blue/white marble boys and the silver I have no idea what to do with so i'm just going to spawn her on the spur of the moment I suppose!
  6. Most of these guys just turned out varying shades of blue or silver coppers. A few of them are ROYAL blue! However, I have two "blue" girls that have turned basically white due to marbling, I'm still waiting to see what they will look like when they are done changing but right now they have blue moustaches and white bodies- quite amusing. Majority of them are sold now.. . This girl is now almost totally white except for some fin colour and her moustache.
  7. Spawned my import Platinum Dragons with Red Fins from Banglean betta. These guys are young (female didn't even look gravid) and got maybe 30-40 fry if that. Still, if even 5 of those are platinum Dragons I will be VERY pleased. Interested in seeing what colour fins I get and whether I get anything unexpected (eg red loss, marble, coppers etc). These guys will be in the tank again next year for a retry- I've high hopes for starting some good platinum dragon HM lines.
  8. Now seeking EOI for these babies. I will post pics soon. They are still unsexed- I'm fairly sure the larger are males based on their tale fins and general size, however I can't see ovipositors on any of them (some are fairly pale) and no obvious flaring yet. I have a range of blues, gold metalics and bronze metallics with or without red in them. Some of them are ventral fin-less so they will be available FREE to pet or breeding homes (probably because i fed them on MW for the first 6 weeks but not genetic). Normal babies will be $20. These are likely to carry both marble, and platinum dragon, genetics. Dad imported via Aquabid from Banglean Bettas.
  9. HAHA ok I will put some up later. Geeeez so demanding on this forum >.> Babies looking various shades of Blue/Metalic at about 6 weeks old- moving them from BBS to live black worms with mixed sucess this weekend gone (ran out of bs eggs lol). But I will persist!
  10. I'm interested in a girl from this, especially if any end up MG- I have a MG giant male!
  11. Well i suppose it really can't hurt. But maybe lay off dosing again for a bit to see if she improves. You CAN overdose and it gets nasty >.<
  12. A spontaneous spawning attempt between by much loved and much dishevelled Royal Blue metalic and White monster (marble) "Kahtoy" with the White and Blue Marble female (RIP- suicide jumper) who was also the mother of the Platinum dragon spawn from June has resulted in around 40 5 week old fry. Dad has the WORST fin rot despite constant treatments including prescription drugs and even had columnaris which ate off his mouth, but still managed to produce a lovely spawn- This is one tough fish! Kahtoy came 3rd at the VicBetta show in April and was verbally appraised as being an amazing specimen despite his horrible fin rot which left him looking like a CT at the June show... So I have BIG expectations of his fry. Going strong, already eating frozen worms and tuna flakes. Still big fans of BBS. Definitely a lot more blues, and some platinum/white babies but still curiously some darker ones. I am seriously wondering about what mum's genetics were to be throwing all of these dark coppper/metalics out!
  13. I've got some platinum dragon pairs coming from thailand, and a dragon F1 spawn you're welcome to experiment with. The spawn (as youve seen on my fb) has irrid, metallics and a combination of black, red and blue genetics and are all carrying platinum from dad!! TALK ABOUT CONFUSING ****.
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