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Couple New Bettas


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Got a couple bettas from Jim from last meet, settling in well.

Not the greatest photos, but better than nothing.

Marble girl -




Another girl, she appears to be a red/orange butterfly... was a little washed out when I took these, so not as obvious. Shall try to take more later.



(Need a bump, please!)

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Thankyou, thank you very much. :)

Really like this girl... would like a boy to spawn her with. Had she been halfmoon, I would try her with my Red copper boy. Don't want to cross tail types, though.



This little guy had a tad of melt, didn't notice until after I got him. Seems all healed up now... won't stop moving, and is nesting. Matt asked me to name him after himself, so this little guy's name is Matty Moo. :P


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Thanks guys. :)

Chi - I would rather not have a spawn of combtails and keep the spawns I'm planning to have strictly to their tail type. These CTs already don't have the best ray reduction (particularly red girl, which would be the one to cross with the HM boy), feel as if I should try and strengthen that, rather than cross with a HM. :)

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Hey Sarah

Long time no hear, That orange girl reminds me of a Tequila sunrise I realy love the look of her and there is so much you could do with her. What are her matting choices? . it seems your fish room is filling up with some nice stock. Good luck in the spawn tanks



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