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AusAqua Banner Competition

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So I thought it might be kinda cool to have a little banner comp. I'm sure we're all getting a bit sick of seeing that gold dragon without a full mask. So some guidelines.

1. Must include "AusAqua" and "Australian Aquarists"

2. Height must not exceed current banner.

3. Width can be a bit wider than it is now but shouldn't interfere with the bits which are currently on the right. (I'm mega-articulate tonight aren't I)

4. Doesn't have to include bettas but probably better if you make a little bit aquarium themed.

5. Could be for general use or very specifically themed eg. for Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Gene Lucas' birthday. Think google logo.


Not sure. How long do you need? Shall we say end of July?

How to Submit

Send your entries to admin AT ausaqua.net


What? Bragging rights not enough? Having your work displayed for all the world to see? OK I'll find something good to act as prizes.

Who's Judging

Well umm... ME :D and maybe I'll find some arty farty graphic designer type. Plus we could have a people's choice or something.

Let me know what you think. Happy to tweak the rules. We want to make this fun!

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Everyone have a crack, it's easy - and have a poke around for creative-commons or copyright free wallpapers with fishy business, remember water/plants/driftwoods/textures/fishy stuff are all relevant.

I did a font search and seem to have ID'd he AA font as Didot - with some spacial tweaking - here is the link to the template if you want to work with it... feel free to illustrate the text (Resembling the font/words) yourself.

Here's a boring example:


Hint - if you can, keep the background transparent so the green header shines through in all it's glory.

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Anyone can have a go and be in the running for the people's choice prize. Possibly not everything will make it onto the short list to get it's day in the sun as one of the final banners. But everything will appear in a thread for people to vote on.

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