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Swap/ Meet at my place


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Hi All

Aquarium Life forum members have informed they would like a swap meet.

If any of you would like to do a swap meet please find below the details of the meet

Date: Saturday, 23rd June 2012

Place: My place at Lidcombe (It's around 2000 steps from Lidcombe station so if you are wanting a healthy stroll you are more then welcome to) please pm for details

(I will let you know my address about 1pm on the day so it will only guarantee those who are coming)..please pm me your mobile number as I will sms it across

You will get a confirmation at 10am on the day.

Time: 2-5pm

Anyone can come along to swap and purchase.

If you are a beginner come along as well.

However, I need to cap it to 30 people only or thereabouts.

Some of the highlights of the day are:

* Fishrooms tour

* Infusoria Culturing

* Blackworms culturing

Also if you want you can raid the veggie yard as we have a few extra asian greens.

There might be a few surprises for those who rsvp early..

If my pm gets too full please sms me on 0433784171

Hope to see as many of you as possible.

PS: If you have already came along to my place, don't worry about rsvping just come along :)

Also just bring a SMALL plate of food or a bottle of drink to share

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will be bringing

some yabbies

some stems from my cube (forgot the name of them)

maybe some frogbit

maybe some peacock moss

and some flowerhorn fry if wanted, will anyone want to swap/buy them off me? they will be cheap like $10 ea or swap for shrimp

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Hey gang..

Thanks for all those who responded. Think there is around 15 people coming so far...so more or less halfway there..

It would be good to see some new and old faces again

Also if you can bring some portable chairs for you to sit on that will be great as we don't have that many chairs.

For those interested you can grab some of the water plants that i have around the house as a swap or for purchase.

Also I am also thinking of holding a mini raffle on a DIY LED strip that contains a 25cm IP68 Cool White 6500K and also a 15cm IP67 UV 400nm strip. Will post pics soon..

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks again


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Hi again all..

For those coming to the swap meet you can have a chance to win the below

Light ON:


Light OFF:


Raffle will be sold on the day (Sam hensen2476 will be the man to see..if he agrees ;D)

Not sure of prices

The specs are:

25cm Cool White LED Strip IP68 (6500K) <1.2W

15cm UV 400nm LED Strip IP67 < 0.5W

These LEDs has been especially created for me direct from the manufacturers.

They will not degrade or loose wattage as time goes on..I have got some dodgy once you get from eBay for comparison (for those who come along to the swap meet)

It will light up a 45 cm tank and you will be able to grow plenty of plants on it (but please note that it cannot grow light hungry plants like hc)

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Hi All

There are 11 spaces left for the swap meet...

If you intend and confirm to come please register your details asap to avoid disappointment

I am going to do a mass email on Monday to a possible group buy

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I would love to attend!!! Can you move to Melb? LOL

Should ask BettaRazzi ;)

Permission granted for davo to move to Melbourne.

TC - the auctions/meets/sub club meets not enough for ya? :P

I didn't go to the previous one....when is the next one?

Friday 22 June - EDAS meeting in Nunawading (some Vic Betta people will be there)

Thursday 26 July - ASV meeting in Clifton Hill (most VB folk attend)

Saturday 18 August - Victoria Betta meeting in Clifton Hill

Apologies for the :hijack:

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In another life I would've moved to Melbourne...such a great sense of culture down there...perhaps one day soon

I will be visiting Melbourne on November though ;)

And will be visiting it twice at 2013 due to ANGFA Conference and another conference ;)

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Hi Guys

If you haven't registered please check out the site again.

I have loaded a description of what the day would look like.

There are only a few spaces remaining :)

Looking forward to see you at my place.


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Hey gang

3 more places left before it is filled to capacity :)

Wow it's been popular ;)

If you haven't registered by 7am 18/6/2012 you may miss out on the group buy that will be running on the day.

If you wish to still tag along the site to do so is: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/event/3746616230

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Hey gang

Ok the group buy is on it's way.

We will be getting the following for the group buy (This is only available for those coming to the swap meet) and you can pay on the day

Description QTY ORDERED Price for each

Dessert Gobies 20 $6.99

Epiplatys annulatus 20 $7.00

Corydoras aeneus 10 $3.50

Marosatherina ladigesi 20 $3.00

There is still time if you want to come around

Just register you are interested on: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/event/3746616230

Please note the prices are for those registering now

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