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  1. Love your avator's betta...

    You got any fry for sell?

  2. just decided to quit betta fish for a while... :(

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    2. laitaktak911


      I had put them on sale. But I still got one spawn growing at home.

    3. MISSqueenmac


      can u inbox me the ones ur sellin to me ?

    4. Lilly


      Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have a nice rest from them, they'll always be there to return to in future. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ness! thanks for your giant fry! :)
  4. Have you ever took some stupid pictures of your lovely betta? Let's share!! :cheer:
  5. Hi, nice to meet u LemonK! I'm from SE melbourne too! Looking forward to see your betta! -LT
  6. BettaRazzi, thanks for the info! But I can't attend the meeting in June and July! So I might see you guys with my current spawn in August!!! Maybe I could also come with Ness's half giant HMPK's fry if they do good enough in the coming month!
  7. I didn't go to the previous one.... when is the next one? :devil: :devil:
  8. I would love to attend!!! Can you move to Melb? LOL
  9. but you can't bring fish back here, right??
  10. Which LFS sells the cheapest betta tank?

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    2. Yanagi


      Anything that is heatable and filterable, which is generally not cheap. I have a twin divided tank that comes with a filter and heater built into the back, but that costs $89-99, can't remember which.

    3. laitaktak911


      Thanks! I had heater and filter, so I just need a tank.

      I bought a Aqua one twin tank before. But now Im looking for some single tank.

    4. melbournebetta


      Sort of depents - Subscape make custom barracks, but it's worth spending a bit on good filtration for them so they work properly.

  11. It is like $10-15AU each in my hometown.....
  12. Thanks! That's the reason I bought him! Very classy indeed!
  13. Thanks for sharing! I start keeping show betta for not a very long time, so all my betta in previous years are HMPK. My dad just love delta, and it's just the matter of taste!
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