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  1. laitaktak911

    Victoria Betta Meeting August 18th (Saturday)

    @ness, thanks! Any pic of the HMPK winner?
  2. laitaktak911

    Victoria Betta Meeting August 18th (Saturday)

    Wo! My boy looks good! :)
  3. Love your avator's betta...

    You got any fry for sell?

  4. just decided to quit betta fish for a while... :(

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    2. laitaktak911


      I had put them on sale. But I still got one spawn growing at home.

    3. MISSqueenmac


      can u inbox me the ones ur sellin to me ?

    4. Lilly


      Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have a nice rest from them, they'll always be there to return to in future. :)

  5. laitaktak911

    White Giant Dragon Sibling Pair

    Finally got some scales on their body! :dance: :dance:
  6. laitaktak911

    Happy Birthday melbournebetta!

    Happy Birthday Ness! thanks for your giant fry! :)
  7. laitaktak911

    New Melbourne Bettas

    thanks mate!
  8. laitaktak911

    New Melbourne Bettas

    Nice fish!! Do you have the address?
  9. laitaktak911

    First Spawn Attempt

    I would suggest u to put a sponge filter in the opposite side of his bubble nest. Keep the water moving a little bit will do, or the water can turn bad in 5days...
  10. laitaktak911

    HELP! save my fry!

    have you try BBS? Im using BBS for my fry
  11. Have you ever took some stupid pictures of your lovely betta? Let's share!! :cheer:
  12. laitaktak911

    What Dragon is it?

    Thanks everyone! I think steel blue dragon is more convinced to me. Chi, I bought the fish when I was living there...so the fish is still in hong kong! Sorry to make you confuse!
  13. laitaktak911

    General Breeding Help

    Hey, I got two female on sale or "on loan". let me know if you're interested! cheers! HMPK Female
  14. laitaktak911

    White Giant Dragon Sibling Pair

    OMG, they are getting alot bigger! I think mine are at least 2weeks behind from your's one! Feels like it's going to take FOREVERRRRR to grow them up... ( (
  15. laitaktak911

    What Dragon is it?

    He is a full mask Dragon HMPK that I bought when I was in HK last year. I just wondering what sort of color is he? Some said MG, some said lavender. I don't think he has any Marble gene....But I might be wrong with that. And what kind of combination would produce a fish like him? one more pic,