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Krazy Kandy male

Wild Nut

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This is my marble HMPK male 'Clownie' who I am conditioning up for breeding (hence the blackworms and big tum). He is a spunk, and loves living in the kitchen even with all the dogs running through. He is really beautifully coloured and I'm hoping for lots of marble HMPKs out of the pairing.





Here's also an updated shot of some of my sorority. The two big middle females are giants, the breeders' net is for a girl who went blind and the one I am breeding to Clownie is the little blue and red speckled female to the right.


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Haha if all the male kids end up as cute and feisty as Clownie I may never be able to part with them. He builds the biggest bubblenests I have ever seen and gets very annoyed when I remove them during water changes.

Since I reached my picture limit before I can post up some more pictures of my sorority. I have 19 females in there, and they are looking a bit tattier than usual as I removed a lot of plant cover I will be replacing later this week.






I think Clownie's 'girlfriend' Specs managed to photobomb nearly every single photo I took

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Nah it's just some ambulia and other stems shoved into chinese takeout containers with some aquasoil and some subwassertang in the foreground. I got some more hardy (and cheap lol) stems delivered today so I will be probably laying down some substrate and getting it planted.

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