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Red Copper HM Pair


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This is the pair I got from the SSS raffle, donated by someone.

HORRIBLE photos, I really need to end up moving the light into the fish room. But I often say "horrible photos are better than none", so taking my own advice.. better than nothing.





Out of the pair, the girl is definitely my favourite.


My HMPK and SD (well she's looking HM now actually!) girl weren't spawning, so they have been put on hold for this pair. Popped the male straight into the spawn tank and introduced the girl after giving them a night to settle in.

Haven't checked on them since this morning (girl floating as you can see), I'll go down later.

So yeah, bring on the fry!

Quick video, awful quality sorry!

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Thanks guys. I put the girl back into the chimney basically straight away after my last post, only because I was going out and just got back. Didn't want to leave them unsupervised, especially since it was their first time being together.

Harry, bubblewrap. I started using it ages ago, and never looked back. Better than foam cups/lids/IAL (even with a cork underneath to hold it up). I give them both bubbles down and bubbles up, bubbles down normally is the preferred section.

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Cut a square, maybe 10cm x 10cmish. Float it on the water surface... I duct tape it to the side so it doesn't float everywhere.

I make two squares, and pop on bubble side down, and the other bubble side up, both next to each other.

From previous nests/spawns, I've noticed the male will start nesting on the bubble side down. If he's one of those fancy nest builders all about size, he often continues to bubble side up.

The bubble wrap looks like a pre made nest to females when the male hasn't started... seems to get them ready, at least that's what I think. Also gives her an indicator of where the nest will be, and being female - I'm sure she wants to know all the details! *lol*

For the male it helps him get a start on the nest and hold it together. Often enough if a male sees a nest, he'll continue it and make it his own... although that's not always the case.

I've used bubble wrap as a nesting media for maybe 2yrs, and haven't had a male make his nest elsewhere ever... so really good for those tricky males that hide and make their nest in an awkward spot for photos.

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Thanks, Paul. :)

Video of the pair, took 20mins to upload and slowed the computer right down... how I hate uploading videos.

Sorry about my shakiness.. a bucket of water fell on me and I was trying to be subtle. :P

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Female looked really stressed. If she was a little bit stressed I would have left her, but she really didn't look good... hiding in the corner, breathing rapidly... kinda on her side, too.

Put her in another tank, she looks fine now. I'll float her in the tank tomorrow and see how that goes.

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