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New Stand!


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Dad made me a stand to put all my small tanks on, so my barracks can fit into my room. :D

It's about 3ft long, and 6ft high - lots of room!

Think I now have room for wilds I have wanted for too long. ;)




A few of the Bettas are in those tanks, most are elsewhere, waiting to go in. :)

The little 'lotls are in the blue tubs - Lindo on the left, Hambriento on the right.

Very lucky to have such a handy dad!!

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Had permission from dad to get another tank for wilds, was very very happy.

Then later I commented something about my future-wilds, and he replied with "What do you mean another tank?"

I told him he had agreed to it earlier, I guess he wasn't paying attention.

Jarrod - that glazed over look non-fish people get, where you then have the power to persuade them into more tanks, etc --- it works... just when they find out again later on they change their mind.

Shame. I think I better wait a while and work on it later.

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Thanks Fisty, dad is a carpenter, very good at making stuff! Why, he even built our house.

As for knowing about the wilds, I have brought it up in the past, he always just said I "didn't have room... might be different if I did". Well, now I have space.. he didn't say no, just laughed it off - which always means I'll eventually be able to get it. ;)

I'm so spoilt.

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