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Hello All, I'm back!

Most of you probably wont remember me, I used to be a regular member of Ausaqua and after about a 2 year hiatus I'm getting back into keeping and breeding bettas!

I used to keep and breed HM and HMPK bettas but left the hobby to spend some quality time with my other scaled friends, pythons :) I've also spent my betta-free time mastering photography and working towards my diploma in graphic design.

I've been obsessively haunting the forums (not to mention aquabid) for the past few weeks catching up on all the goings on and since a lot of the old familiar faces seem to be gone I figured I should re-introduce myself to the current crowd.

It's really great to see all the successful spawns you've all been producing, there's been some great fish produced. Now I'm eagerly awaiting my own batch of breeding stock to arrive and once the weather warms up a bit I can't wait to get back into the trials and tribulations of breeding. I look forward to chatting to you all about these beautiful little critters :D

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Hey Sarah,

Yes please please lots of snakey pics - it's pie in the sky, but I'd do anything for an Aussie python rolling around the house (housemates might protest, a little...)

Also great to hear you are having a betta renaissance -looking forward to show n tell & taking advantage of your l33t skillz.

Got any shots of your old fush?


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Hi Ness, I'm still tracking down photos of my old fishies. I did manage to find some photos in an old photobucket album.

Some juvies I bred:






Not great photos, my photography has come a long way since then. I can't wait to get my new lot in front of the camera. If I remember correctly the Ausaqua crowd loves photos lol

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