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Who are all the perth members?


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Hey to all the Perth members:-) tried to do a search on the forum but could not find anything regarding who all the Perth members are? Just thought it would be good to have a list with what we are breeding and if we are going to be having any up and coming spawns for sale and also anything that people might have that might be helpful to others. Like MW cultures BS eggs VE IAL etc etc, either for sale or to share with others. Anyway im gonna start us off.


Currently spawn less and having a go at breedigg. have some IAL and BS eggs and MW cultures. Also in the process of building my first set of barracks starting to house about 24 fish but the set up is for about 24,48, 100 fish. I have designed it so that it can be extended easily as soon as more fish start to arrive. Ill get some pics up this weekend so people can give me more info regarding my set up. All i am going by is pics of other members. The barracks is also going to have a sump which is going to act as a grow out tank for juvies.

I am happy to share anything that i have with other members.

Also i am always keen to get fish in from over east or even from Aquabid and if people are looking to share shipping please let me know i am in;-P

Please feel free to contact me if need anything that i have or would like to sell me any fish:-D



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I'm from Perth!

I am also currently spawnless, but I'm trying...I really am!!

I have 10 bettas at the moment, and am getting another 2 from AquaBid (should be receiving them soon).

I have whiteworm cultures that Les gave me, but I tried splitting and re-culturing them again because they got too stinky, but they are taking their time to reproduce =(

I also have some blackworms from Les (I also bought some from an LFS), but I just read a comment by Sarah that blackworms eat eachother...which explains why my pile is getting smaller without me feeding any to the fish yet...hmm

My fishroom is our laundry and the set up is pretty poor...

I have a 3ft tank divided into 3 parts (which is my spawn and growout tanks), and the others are all sitting (seperatly) in a massive white bucket/container thing partly filled with water and a heater to keep them all warm.

It's not the best, but I think they are all happy =)

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Hi Deano, There is a Perth Members thread in the General Discussion section that may be of help. I am in Bunbury, not quite Perth, and have had to give up on fish for the time being. My water quality is disgusting. I have contacted the local water authority and I now think that my problem just may stem from my very old pipes in my very old house...

Check out the above thread, it may help you.

Cheers, Tracey.

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I'm Bev and I'm SOR in Rockingham area.

I have just lost 80% of my males in 2-3 months which I think was due to using rain water instead of tap water.

I currently have some VT females ready to find new homes and will have some males once I figure out which ones I want to keep.

I had a blue/red roundtail spawn which also resulted in some DT's but I lost all but 3 of the fry and the father to what I think was velvet. The 3 left are just over 4 weeks old. I have a male sibling that I can put back with the same female to try this spawn again. The colouring is slightly different but should still get a similar result. I want to get a dt line going so this will be the start of it.

I also have red/blue CT spawn which are 3 weeks old. There are about 30-40 fry in this spawn.

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HI Deano

Im Les I live NOR up near LMF I have the following

Red Platnum Dragon HM PK Pairs

Red platnum Dragon HM Pairs

Red Copper Dragon Hm Pair

White Platnum dragon HM PK Pairs (Zacks lines)

Opaque HM PK

Pink Platnum Dragon BT HM PK Pair

And ariving soon

Red Copper Gold Dragon DT PK Pair

I also have a spwan at the moment of

Deep Red CT X Red Platnum Dragon HM

I hope that helps as far as fish go

I have QTY of Banana leaf that I use for water conditioning


QTY Grindels, Blckworms, Microworms and Composting red worms

I hope this helps in your quest for whats around



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Perth member keeping nothing at the present moments but keeping alot back in my home country!!Would love to visit some betta hobbyist of perth and have some group chat n visiting hobbyist betta collection!!:D

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kool wow u all have loads of fish:-) Sorry yeah i looked for some threads but wanted to know more about what people were breeding and anything that they could sell or even help others out with. This has been perfect, now know there are a few Perth members here with lots of nice fish and also plenty of stuff that could be of help to others.

Well ill get some pics up soon, hoping to have my barricks ready by end of this coming weekend.

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