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  1. Dam that is one nice looking Fish. Cant wait to see what you will have for sale from these ones:-D Good work Ness
  3. wow really nice colours blues are my fav....
  4. i dont know what im looking at? :-)
  5. good luck with the pond sounds awesome. Dont have any experience in outdoor ponds so sorry cant help there:-)
  6. Hola:-) welcome albany is way down south but I do end up in Albany now and then on work and it's a amazing place love it:-) look forward to seeing big E:-)
  7. Welcome mate. Well as les said there are a few over east but we are getting some good stock here in Perth. I currently have a spawn that's 4.5 weeks old that i got from melbournebettas and will be starting a second spawn soon. This weekend. :-)I keep HM's and looking at getting into some CT's but can't decide which ones just yet. Anyway welcome to the forum Deano
  8. Thanks Sarah:-) big 30 today:-(

  9. deano81

    Hello everyone

    hello and welcome:-)
  10. Sorry to hear that mate. Good luck with this spawn.;-)
  11. ok as promised here they are at 3 weeks. Plenty of different colours and i think i see a Cello and a Butterfuly? wht do ya think? tank has been cleaned twice now. Water has been changed 50%. How often should i be doing water changes? daily or weekly? Im gonna try and clean it 3 times a week if i can. There forre it might be 3 times a week for water changes at this stage.
  12. A quick update, spawn is doing well most of the runts have naturally been taken care of by mother nature. Can see about 25 or so fry swimming around. Most average size for 3 weeks. But about 3 fish are well above the growth rate. These 3 are about 5 weeks size. Don't know what's happening with them. I'll post pics as soon as I can take descent ones. They have a mixed diet of MW and. BBS. Does anyone know where to get VE from? Thanks guys
  13. Thanks for those words Paul appreciate it. Well a quick update, gave the tank its first clean out and also a water change that came along with that. Only about 30% i reacon. Also started the sponge filter today just slowly. The fry are coming along very well. Most are about average size about 4 are very small about only half of what they should be and found three that are at the 4 week stage and its only now 2 weeks. Also i dont know if i am seeing it correctly but some are very pale in colour(transparent) think that how you spell it, while others are extremely dark in colour. Alos since yesterday they have been on BBS and the hatch rate is very good with just a light and airstone. Should i be still feeding MW at this stage as there are a few runts? Any words of wisdome please? :-) Cheers
  14. Hi guys just as promised before, here are the fish i brought from Nessa. "melbournebettas" Got 7 in total. Radar Bulldawg General Hype Frpm top left,Shade,Calypso,Chicka and Cloud And cloud is a HMPK female bought from Zac Thanks guys
  15. thanks Neffy and LMF, his name was give to him by Nessa from "Melbournebettas" All the fish are from her. I will now try n post the rest of the fish pics too.
  16. woops *not a lot of waste food on the floor:-) lol
  17. ]Well i have some nice HM males and females from Melbournebettas that I have purchased, 7 to be exact:-) So i decided to place Bulldawg and Chicka into the spawn tank. If you are asking why well im not really a breeder thats loolking for show quality fish orknow much about form or to be honest other than the basic colouring of betta i dont know much. However your input is definately not taken in a bad manner. Feel free to comment on the pair i have put together be positive or negative and it will be taken on board as a learning tool for myself. Well Bulldawg(BD) was put into the spawn tank on the 20/09/11. After a day for himself to settle down with a tiny hint of a a bubble nest. Well actually just a rather large single bubble under the IAL. I placed the female into the spawn tank with my homemade chimney. Both were conditioned with frozen foods and live worms. Then on the 30th i seen that they were showing intrest in each other and also the bubble nest had progressed into a reasonable sized one i released the female. With just the usual courtship happening and no real damage i went out that night. When i checked the tank the next afternoon i noticed the female was hiding in the far corner and male was under the nest tending to the nest with intent. I took a torch and shone it under the bubble nest and all i could see was white little pearls. Yippie we have eggs. So i removed Chicka and BD went to work to keep the eggs in the nest and looked after them very well. Neither one of them had a single scratch on them. Anyway sunday evening all the eggs hatched and found about 40 or so little critters hanging around. Over the next few days they became free swiming and then a short while later i started them on MW and have been feeding them not too much twice a day. I have not noticed a lot of waste food on the floor and they seem to have nice white bellies so i know the food is getting eaten. Well its now coming up to 2 weeks of age and up to now i have only lost 4 . And the four that i have lost have been the ones that are about only half the size of the others and looked like they were having trouble just swimming. So things are going quite well. I will be starting them on BBS shortly but i will be very carefull with this as i know it can cause SBD if over feeding occurs. Anyway i am going to try to attach some pics. Sorry for the bad quality but they were taken on my Iphone so not the best. Any advise as to what to do from here is much appreciated people. Thanks Deano Bulldawg Chicka Spawn tank Just hatched Just one week old Now i have played around with the for about an hour and think i have figured out how to post pics. That was even after i read the FAQ's section. My IT ability Turn it off then on:-D Cheers Deano
  18. wow awesome fish and well done on the spawn.:-)
  19. deano81

    Suprise spawn

    hey guy just a quick update this was a failed attempt. So sorry however i got some fish of melbournebettas about a month ago and last friday they spawned. I have about 40 little ones that are doing really well. I do have pics of the parents but finding it really hard to take pics of the little ones as they are only a little over a week old. I will add a spawn log soon. cheers
  20. deano81

    Suprise spawn

    Thanks guys, yeah had a read through spawns last night and saw people had misfortunes with early water changes. Ill just leave things as it is and in about 2 weeks ill turn the filter on really low flow. Photos are going to be intersting as i have zero photo skills. And Zac i stil have to go through the hard part now of sctually trying to raise these little ones. I just hope i can keep them alove long enought to get them to photo taking stage:-)
  21. deano81

    Suprise spawn

    Well i was cleaning some of the jars and moved a Steel HM male into the spawning tank with one of the White HMPK females i got off Zac. She was in a seperate container not accessable to the male. things came up and i had to leave them in the spawn tank. This male i have tried to spawn before and he has not really shown any interest with other females and also he doesnt really build any bubblenests. Anyway the next day i just let the female out for no particular reason and once again he and her showed no interest in each other. About2 hours later i open the door to find little eggs scattered all over the floor and both of them in opposite corners. I looked around and could not find any bubble nest just random bubble that build up around the edge of the tanks. Also saw the female shake randomly and drop another lot of eggs. After she decided to eat them i took her out and placed her into her usual container. Well then 2 days later (yesterday) as i was about to pull the male out of the tank i saw a little thing in the tank that looked like a minature rocket. Well it was moving like one and after a few mins noticed that i can count about 30 of these little things.Well i can only assume that they are fry. They look just like the fry and also move like them. Today some are free swimming and others still stuc k to the top of the tank vertically. Well its just weird cause i never really saw any eggs but then again i didnt really look to carefully. I guess i have a suprise spawn now. Lucky i have MW cultures and also BBS hatechery all good to go. I wantr to do a water change but not sure when the correct time is. Any suggestions? Ill try and get some pics up soon Deano
  22. hey les you have sny for sale form this spawn?
  23. Nice fish mate. Are these from the spawn you had?
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