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  1. Dam that is one nice looking Fish. Cant wait to see what you will have for sale from these ones:-D Good work Ness
  3. wow really nice colours blues are my fav....
  4. i dont know what im looking at? :-)
  5. good luck with the pond sounds awesome. Dont have any experience in outdoor ponds so sorry cant help there:-)
  6. Hola:-) welcome albany is way down south but I do end up in Albany now and then on work and it's a amazing place love it:-) look forward to seeing big E:-)
  7. Welcome mate. Well as les said there are a few over east but we are getting some good stock here in Perth. I currently have a spawn that's 4.5 weeks old that i got from melbournebettas and will be starting a second spawn soon. This weekend. :-)I keep HM's and looking at getting into some CT's but can't decide which ones just yet. Anyway welcome to the forum Deano
  8. Thanks Sarah:-) big 30 today:-(

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  10. deano81

    Hello everyone

    hello and welcome:-)
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. Good luck with this spawn.;-)
  12. ok as promised here they are at 3 weeks. Plenty of different colours and i think i see a Cello and a Butterfuly? wht do ya think? tank has been cleaned twice now. Water has been changed 50%. How often should i be doing water changes? daily or weekly? Im gonna try and clean it 3 times a week if i can. There forre it might be 3 times a week for water changes at this stage.
  13. A quick update, spawn is doing well most of the runts have naturally been taken care of by mother nature. Can see about 25 or so fry swimming around. Most average size for 3 weeks. But about 3 fish are well above the growth rate. These 3 are about 5 weeks size. Don't know what's happening with them. I'll post pics as soon as I can take descent ones. They have a mixed diet of MW and. BBS. Does anyone know where to get VE from? Thanks guys
  14. Thanks for those words Paul appreciate it. Well a quick update, gave the tank its first clean out and also a water change that came along with that. Only about 30% i reacon. Also started the sponge filter today just slowly. The fry are coming along very well. Most are about average size about 4 are very small about only half of what they should be and found three that are at the 4 week stage and its only now 2 weeks. Also i dont know if i am seeing it correctly but some are very pale in colour(transparent) think that how you spell it, while others are extremely dark in colour. Alos since yesterday they have been on BBS and the hatch rate is very good with just a light and airstone. Should i be still feeding MW at this stage as there are a few runts? Any words of wisdome please? :-) Cheers
  15. Hi guys just as promised before, here are the fish i brought from Nessa. "melbournebettas" Got 7 in total. Radar Bulldawg General Hype Frpm top left,Shade,Calypso,Chicka and Cloud And cloud is a HMPK female bought from Zac Thanks guys
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