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  1. thanks all local bred by me!!more can be view in my blogspot www.bernard-bettas.blogspot.com
  2. Some more can be view at my blogspot. http://www.bernard-bettas.blogspot.com All this are locally bred in Brunei!!
  3. Thanks guys for the comments!!all this fishes are currently in Brunei!!hahaha=) I like this salamander halfmoon but couldn't take a pic of it properly as it's too active flaring around and dancing like a ballerina!! More comments for these 3 fishes!!thanks!!
  4. Back in Brunei and keeping some bettas for self-collection..Do comment the good and bad!!cheers!!
  5. Just too many pictures to post it up here..Anyways to organise one show is not easy mate!!we need sponsor,places,members of perth betta to help out and most importantly enough bettas to put up a show..
  6. Proud to say this show was successful in bringing crowds! The fish simply amazing!!Enjoy the pics guys!! I hope there will be a show-betta in Perth soon enough!
  7. Hi, Just want to give a shout-out to those who love Japanese koi. There will be a show at Cannington Greyhound Centre on May 27 starting from 10am-3.30pm. Admissions fees is $5 for adult $3 for children and family package is $10..Found out about this advertisement while visiting a pet shop..which had a flyer spreading around.
  8. Sorry to hear for ur lost..Don't worry learn the mistakes why it die then improved the way of keeping ur bettas..How far is morley from Waterford which near Curtin University??
  9. I got 2 mascots crowntail 1 yellow-blue crowntail 1-traditional plakat..Which part of Perth are u located at?
  10. They are made in Brunei!!what fishes do u have in perth?have idea where perth have any nice bettas shop that i could go through?Bought 3crowntails here..but they are alright..can't compare with the quality back in my home..
  11. Hi I couldn't rmb who u r back in Brunei?well would be great to meet up again in Perth for some bettas talks..Have u been keeping any bettas here? I currently have 4 bettas in Perth just for collection..As u know hobby can't stop where ever u go..
  12. Do remember to pull off the cricket jumping leg as sometime it might choke the fish as what to happened to me in the past..just a precaution and Macs hold until 14+days??thats abit fast. need to recalled my history of breeding but i last recalled it was at least 21days to 28days depending on the conditions of temperature and whether the male would want to release it out.. As for ur male,u might be lucky coz this male might not even bothered or frightened by u..As some male are quite sensitive,even just walk-by it,the whole batch of eggs would be swallowed up by the male!! Every Betta macrostoma has their own character..Some doesn't even care if u go and disturb them,it will still continue to brood until full term whereas some even the slightest movement such walking by or knock on the tanks and byebye all the eggs inside the mac mouth!!
  13. Haha Don't worry you could get a fews once i solved how the hell I'm supposed to import it in but for now just enjoy the pics :embarrass:
  14. Hahaha thanks I personally prefer to take pics of wild out of the water much more easier to see their beauty but i was just taking the pics of them while cleaning up the tank "one stone kill two birds" but i won't do that for a show-betta..maybe those that are taken out of water just want to show u the length of the bettas as to prove to us that they are giant?My personal thought on show-bettas..other than that i dont think it's recommended to take pics of show betta out of the water!!
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