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My Lovely New Pair


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Gorgeous new pair... some breeder really did a great job with them. :thumbs:

Not the best pictures, best I could do for now though.

Female is MASSIVE, biggest girl I've ever owned. Lots of attitude.





Male is very active, and is really trying to get to the female!


Vid -

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They look good Sarah. Very hard to catch their real color and beauty in photos. Irids don't show up very well. They were beside each other and do seem compatable. They have been conditioned up as well.

Good luck with them Sarah. :-)

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Thank you for the comments everyone. :)

Just finished setting up the spawn tank which has been staring at me. :P

I'll keep everyone posted how they go.

Oh and Busman - I don't think your females need conditioning! :lol:

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Very nice photos Sarah. I know first hand how difficult it is to photograph these guys. I find that the more light you throw at them the better :D

Busman, your girls are just obscene! :rofl: It has to be that magic Redlands water. The only time my girls got that fat was when they were getting daily bloodworm treats. It was an expensive week, but they sure enjoyed it :)

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I'll try and get new photos soon, will use lots of light.

Have just put the male in the spawn tank. Will introduce the girl in the chimney probably tomorrow night - they look very ready to spawn now!

Just noticed on the female, one side of her body seems bigger than the other..

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Thought I'd just give a quick update for my gorgeous boy... who is still unnamed...

Not the best photos... but better than nothing. He isn't feeling very photogenic today.

His home. Not the fanciest around, but he loves it.

Java Moss is very green, although it seems to look slightly brownish in the pic.


And the boy, who decided, after his dinner was all gone... he didn't want anything to do with me, and left. <_<


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Bussy, I'm not one to stare at my reflection haha, I'm sure mum would have one.

I've been meaning to give him a bit of a spar, don't want him getting lazy now!

Thanks LMF!

Haha, gotta love the little accessories that are made for Bettas!

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Bit of an update with this STILL unnamed beauty!

He was living in that 33L tank, but now I have a pair of HM's from Paul's spawn, he has been kicked out, and is now living it up in a 3ft, which he has all to himself. He absolutely LOVES it.

A few bad piccies. He had a go at chewing his tail <_<, it's growing back now, but looks a little funny.

Please excuse the colour of the water, it IS greenish, but definitely not as green/soupy as it looks in the pics. Glass could use a clean as well..





I had Sina, the HM girlie float in his tank overnight, got his flare on alright. I still would love to spawn him sometime.

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Squishy is still going well, living on his own in a 20L tank.

He decided to be a tail-biter at one point, but it's growing back.

Also had finmelt the other week, but has gotten over that.

TRIED to get some good pics, but only got funny-angled half-flares (the full flares were at a bad angle and couldn't get the camera there).

He looks quite sickly in these pics, but really he isn't!



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