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Hi everyone,

I’m from the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and as my username suggests, I am a wild betta nut.

At the moment I currently only have a breeding pair of rutilans, a group of four coccina, a male/female pair of albimarginata, a trio of very young imbellis and a male/female pair of uberis. Along with those, I have 27 bettas ranging from my LPS pity purchase to my Platinum HM male from someone. In the near future I intend on starting up a Daly River biotope tank for a school of blue-eyes, and I also have three shubunkin goldfish, who are responsible for my decline into crazy fish woman status.

I’ve only been into fish-keeping for two or three years now, but I already am at the point where I have to go into my LFS in disguise since I’m down there so often. It doesn’t help that they keep getting in different species of wild bettas every few weeks.

Currently my male rutilan is guarding 10 or so newborn fry. Usually he only mouthbroods (there’s two half-grown juveniles in there somewhere from previous breedings), but now he’s decided to build a bubblenest and swallow up the resulting hatched fry. They are quite prolific breeders, spawning every two weeks or so, usually after a water change or once when I left the heater off.

Anyways, that’s a little bit about me and my fish. I can’t get any individual photos of fish or tanks, until my mum lends me her camera, but I have a couple so-so quality shots of my whole set-up if anyone is interested.



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Yeah I have a soft spot for bettas. I always say I'm going to eventually phase out the splendens and keep my wilds, but that somehow keeps not happening.

Anyways here's a couple of photos of my 'fishroom' that I took at night, with my crummy point-and-shoot camera.

I have 99% of my fish in my bedroom (I think that number also represents the level of humidity present :lol: )with the other 1% scattered through the rest of the house. At the moment everything looks a bit cluttered so ignore the temporary plastic tubs and tangle of power cords. I'm dividing up the three foot tank on the bottom rack and moving the tanks on my floor into our rumpus room, and everything is going to get a proper re-do since I quit my job and took a month off. I also need to get my brother in to wire up some new powerpoints. I'm always afraid I'm going to burn our house down.




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Welcome to the forum Ashlea!

Looking good there! :)

As for worrying about burning the house down, I often worry my tanks will fall over haha. I'm very cautious with my tanks. :P

Oh, and I think you could probably push your tanks up together, and then you'll be able to fit a few more in (some say I encourage the obsession, but don't believe them). ;)

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Firstly welcome, you have indeed, come to the right place... we're all suffering from the distinct and delightful description of "Fish Mad Persons"

....this is a place for all your fishy confessionals, queries, and photo sessions!

While I'm a complete splendens nut, there are some very talented wilds keepers, including the lovely Hai who has just celebrated his male releasing month old fry.

There's plenty of meets, associations and social activities in the Victorian realm of fush n such... so look forward to potentially meeting you !

Loving the shots - makes me feel more NORMAL with multiple tanks overwhelming the house.

Enjoy the forum, looking forward to hearing more about your kids

(p.s. I used to keep show ruykin, and ALWAYS had a naughty shubunkin in the tank - they're so charismatic!!)


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Thanks for the welcome and kind words everyone. I managed to wrangle a promise to use mum's camera over the weekend so I'll post up some better quality shots of my wilds and splendens.

If any of you frequent Coburg Aquarium you'll probably have seen me. I spend my time hovering around their betta section, and buying up their stock of YiDing tanks :D

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