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  1. Hello you lot xxxx and thanks Sarah had great day and am now officially old and knackered!!

    1. Sarah


      You're back! Glad you had a wonderful day yesterday. x

      Hope to see more of you around, hasn't been the same without Nanna Jo!


    Hope you have a wonderful day, and mothers day too!

    Been missing you on here. :)

  3. Sorry Kermadum....turns out that size does matter had to UN-buy the new tank yesterday cos it would have gone through the floor if I'd put any water in it guess i get to keep the husband after all.... sorry daydreaming there for a second :blush:
  4. Well, the new job at our local hospital, great fun though it is, has been taking up more and more of my time. I've been finding myself working 9 days straight with only a couple of days off before the next run and consequently my tanks (and inmates) have been suffering from lax (and lack of) attention. To remedy this I decided that I would be better off with just the one large tank and Igor's house instead of the 3ft, 2ft and 18in plus Igor's house!! The new tank is BIG....really...really...BBIIIIGGG I bought it at our local Pet.... for $890 (which is a scary thing in itself!!) you can
  5. Happy Birthday Matt xxxx NannaJo :bighug:
  6. Hey Guys!! just popped in for a quick look around and to say Merry Christmas. Lots of love to all, NannaJo xxx

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    2. Nicola


      Merry Christmas :D

    3. melbournebetta


      Thanks Nanna Jo! Have a good one.

    4. les


      Merry christmass and a happy new year to you and Owen Nana Joe

  7. Betta late than never!! Happy Birthday Hai xxx
  8. Brilliant...slack off for 1 wk due to starting new job, miss 1 dead guppy and I now have raging NTD in the 3ft tank *exits forum mumbling,cursing and crying*

  9. I still reckon fish-nets and suspenders....no...oh well... Nanna Jo
  10. Gunna be one of those days....saw the heading Stocking Suggestions in recently added and first htought was fish nets....

    1. mumofthehoarde
    2. paul


      I don't see a problem with either of those suggestions!!! *wolf-whistles*

  11. Been so long since the last visit it took me 3 attempts to log in!! Nanna Brain is still active!!

    1. Sarah


      Nanna! Been missing you! Glad to see your back. :))

  12. Hi Paul, been caught up doing Census work, then got stuck trying to find my life and my tanks again...both seem tohave suffered an algal bloom :blink:
  13. Paul and Jarrod....have you taken over the Nanna job? That's mine you know! That really is an uuuugly fish.
  14. I'M BAAAACK!!

    1. Sarah


      Welcome back - been missing you around here, Jo!

    2. les


      Welcome back Nana Joe its good to see you posting again how is Owen?

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