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AusAqua goes Aqua!


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:) :):)


Our design team have been working tirelessly over the past 4 weeks to give our little site a bit of a facelift, and voila!

What better colour for us than aqua? Even better, there is the option for you to choose between a light aqua and a dark aqua theme, so you can choose the one that best suits you! We try to think of everything :D

By now I guess most people have had a bit of a look at our front page portal. As well as making our site look more welcoming, it has some fantastic extras that we are slowly but surely bringing online.

This week, we have activated the BLOG section! You will find all the information you need about setting up your AusAqua Blog in our technical assistance forum, just click on the AusAqua blog link ;) Now all of our members have their own private place to record their spawning attempts, log their water changes, or just babble on about their fave fishy experiences!

There are a few rules with the blogs, so be sure to check those out here! ;) Play nice, don't get us in trouble, and all that jazz ;)

;);) ;)

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Pretty spesh hey! this theme is a Mousey Special, with touches of Jess :eadshake: Few things are customisable. see up the top there are bluey >> boxes near the header? if you click on those it will bring up the left or right sideboxes from the portal page :giggle: the default setting is to have them tucked away as it gets a bit crowded with them open, but try them out anyway, its kinda fun :blush:

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