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New tank


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Hi all,

A few weeks ago we were offered a free tank from my friends dad. Of course being the good people we are, we took him up on his offer. :D

So we brought the tank home and began cleaning it (and oh boy did it need a clean).

Pulled out the old bits and pieces inside (heater, chiller, and one Eheim filter and one older one). I think it must have been an old marine tank.

This weekend just been we had a good opportunity to get into getting it ready for display. Gave it a good sanding for half a day, and stained it.

It has now been moved into the living room ready to be set up. I just don't know how to set this one up. At the moment it is going to be a community tank - getting some free discus this weekend (we know some great people) so they'll be going in there too.

I would be interested in hearing everyones thoughts/suggestions/comments.

I'm thinking we may get some dark coloured substrate. Do you think it would be a good idea to have the bottom layer as peat?

Here are some piccies!

3.5ft wide, 2.5ft high, 2ft deep






I've got more pics can someone post something so I can put the rest up please ? :D

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The tank and cabinet look great!!! A brilliant size for a display tank too!

Peat in the substrate won't hurt the discus - will help in keeping the pH down quite a bit for them - having the bottom layer as peat though makes it harder to control - a bag of peat in a canister filter is easier to control... I like dark substrates and some say that it helps bring out colours in fish - I think it also helps bring out the green in mosses and plants too.... with that size tank a really nice piece of driftwood could go nicely.... with that depth of water either really strong lighting will be needed for plants or use normal lighting and some larger leafed lower light plants such as swords.... Discus, rams, other South Americans that like similar conditions, some bottom dwellers, and mid and high water fish would work to fill the vertical height of the tank.....

Whatever you choose though I'm sure that tank is going to display your fish well....

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Thanks fishbites. I'm very pleased with the way it came up. I'm still thinking maybe we should varnish the wood?

anyway, these are the last two photos I couldn't post last night. It has two inbuilt lights in the hood, one big one (the bottom photo) and the little one obviously the first photo. The big one is really bright so hopefully the plants can survive. Do you think it would be a good idea to keep the canister filter, or have the normal - stick to the side of the tank- ones (the name for them has escaped me.



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Absolutely LOVE that tank and cabinet, what a freebie!!! You've cleaned it up a treat bewarebrunette :cheer:

Personally I'd stick with the canister filter, then again I'm biased. I've only used canister combined with under gravel filters so perhaps our more experienced and learned members will be able to advise you more expertly than I.

Again, LOVE that set-up.

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definitely a canister filter for that size tank - you've got over 450 litres of water to process and clean and an internal power filter just doesn't cut it for that amount of water. Put one in if you want to increase water flow or use the venturi inlet to aerate the water more but watch you don't use one that's too strong and blow the scales off your fish and your plants out of the substrate!

Depending on how many watts light you have there will depend on what type of plants will thrive in that depth of water - definitely fine for low to medium light plants from the looks of the brightness but others more in the know will be able to advise you more on the lighting for plants.....

Keep the pics coming :)

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Thanks everyone :)

we're very pleased with how it's turned out. I have to go hunting for black substrate today at some point. Then we can set up the landscape as we'd like it - we have some pretty neat bits of wood to go in too. Though i'm sure they'll be some tweaking, new bits added etc.

Might even be some more pics this evening.

-watch this space- :P

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it looks awesome!

Are you going to blackout the back?? it would bring the colours out in the discus!!

also if your considering a community tank with discus remember to take in the water pH needs of the discus and other fishy inhabitants..(sorry if this is old news)

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Thanks Laura, probably will black out the back of the tank. What would you suggest would be the easiest thing to do this with (don't really want to paint it.) Also looking for some black gravel, a few of the local LFS can get it in, but it tends to be pretty pricey, and I don't want to use the painted stuff.

Fishies are loving the tank. I will post some photos soon - I should be doing uni study!!-

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So on my search for some black substrate, without spending hundreds! Someone told me to go to a pool shop.. So I walked in there, asked for some black pebbles... $28/20kg. Hell yeah! Was going to cost me about $100++ for gravel from pet/aquarium shops. So will be doing that this weekend.

I have also realised we have a silk plant shop in the city centre, my friend bought this big fern for his tank for $20, instead of the insane prices you pay at LFS.. So keep an eye out for an update after next weekend.

Will also be re-arranging/Re-scaping my shrimp tank :) YAY

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