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Betta Rubra Home


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Hello hello!

just to share the home i have set up for a pair of betta rubra i bid on aquabid.

35cmx18cmx22cm ~2.5gal/10L

driftwoods, twigs, fallen oak leaves

ada bright sand



filtration: bubble sponge

lighting: 3Watt LED lamp from Target

plants: Wisteria, some duckweed

livestock: otocinclus x 1


now all it needs is The Fish. =)

wonders if it has reached brisbane.

thanks for reading!

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the light is directly above the floating plants. so i guess its not too bad.

there are some that float to darker areas though.

it was browning when introduced 4days ago but it seems to be getting greener.

but i think its the lack of nutrients in the water thats causing it, not the lighting.

thanks, i hope my betta finds it pretty too =)

pretty enough to not squabble...

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The tank is only 10L.

yeap it is for a pair. Rubras can be quite aggressive to their partners. but as long as they are hiding places it should be fine. i am hoping for a peaceful pair.

Rubras are not like splendens. they are mouthbrooders. so their eggs are incubated in the mouths of the fathers.

i will remove the female once they have bred so as to not stress out the male.

i read some where that rubras are in an evolutionary transition. they used to be bubble nesters but perhaps the heavy deforestation and the lack of still water spawning sites have led them to become mouthbrooders. some have even reported the females aiding in mouthbrooding!

riccia is really hard to handle, isn't it? does it require higher lighting?

the oak leaves do not stain the water as much as IAL. it does not affect the pH much either. only a slight tan.

apparantly it takes longer for oask leaves to break down.

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Riccia is hard to handle if you want it to do what it wasn't designed to do.....be a carpet plant

IME....Let it float...no problems....even in Low light, just grows more spindly

I also have Malaysian trumpet snails in my tanks to eat uneaten food rather than other fish

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oo i meant hard to handle when left to float around freely. its really tough to remove especially when you're hunting down fry and they get caught it.

do the MTsnails propagate in acidic water??

i had those in my pleco tank and they all died out.....

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