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  1. how should i treat the grey cloudyness around the face im thinking it might be velvet or is it more likely to be culminaris 2 of the 3 fish have it what should i do? move them to a smaller hospital tank?
  2. :( i read that today about the blackworms and ive been feeding them freeze dried black worms for months ive seperated her with some salt in a seperate tank.. ive fed her a little bit of pea which she ate i hope she gets better.. but from what ive read thats unlikely.. i think the others may have velvet? do you think i should treat the tank for velvet? one has it over her eyes and mouth and the other just over her mouth.. i dont know what to do???? its like a grey dust i need help :(
  3. hi everyone, first let me say sorry for not having been on here much my old dog was very sick and life just ran away with me... so my issues.. i have a community tank with 4 betta females and 1 cory 2 of my betta females have a greyish coat to their eyes/mouth i think it might be velvet 1 today looked very puffed up and has that blown up pine cone look to her scales its very worrying 1 seems completely fine. how should i treat the pine cone??? it looked uncomfortable/painful for the fish and what treatment is recommended for velvet in a community tank? could i treat the whole tank? please help i dont know what to do thanks, julie
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    I love Eric and Pam! Very pretty! :)
  5. He looks gret Neffy i know the first time i saw a giant in a pet store i was like wow!
  6. Ok just an update.. i have added water every few days to the container to stop ammonia issues.. not that she was eating or moving much the first few days but i think she is eating now and she is MUCH more active in fact very active.. she is still in her container with no filter or heater but she does get the warmth from the tank beside where she is.. very strange! i might go and buy her her own little tank im too scared to put her back into the other tank and then am too scared to put her in the tank with my other fish in case she actually is sick - do you think she is still sick? how could i tell? she is active, eating doesnt have any noticable fungas, spots or anything.. :confused:
  7. Aren't they cute and so tiny! I would take them to a lps alot of them will offer you store credit :)
  8. Hello All, I just bought a new tank off ebay and it's home and it looks great and apparently is fairly new. My only concern is what if the fish there were previously in it were sick and had a disease i dont want me fish getting. How can i properly clean out the tank and make it fish safe? Any advice is welcome! Thanks, Julie (Lisa if this is in the wrong forum please move it wasnt sure where it should be thanks )
  9. Thanks Bettarazzi i dont know what happened either if it was poisoning how did it happen i havent tested the water im scared to infect my testing kit but i think i will on the weekend and give it a good wash - any recommendations for cleaning the testing equipment? one is a glass tube and one is a plastic. I'm pretty sure everything will test fine though i was doing water changes every 2-3 days and my fish were happy/healthy the day before So i moved the baby platy into a container of water from my female/tropical tank and have her in a container near a warm tank no filtration at the moment cause i dont have a spare tank and im scared if she is sick - what should i do? buy her a new tank? she seems better than yesterday afternoon not overly active but right way up swimming a little and alive.. her water is a bit cooler than usual i guess that would make her a bit more inactive too. If she is still alive tomorrow afternoon i will do a water change in her container.. its about 4 litres i think filled to about 1.5 - she is only about 2 cm long.
  10. I don't know what happened.. my two platys that were moved from the main tank were doing fine in the hospital tank with the 2 guppies.. i even got a lot of babies the sunday before last from the guppies.. last night i fed the babies just the usual powder mix i got from the local aquarium for guppy fry.. this morning all is ok.. this afternoon when i got home from work all my fish were dead as i picked up the guppy male parts of his flesh came off he was kind of decomposing...i have no idea what happened.. my guppy babies too looked like they were decomposing like white and body expanding and falling apart like.. was it the culminaris that my male platy had? his lasted weeks.. these fish were fine the day before.. i was doing water changes every few days cause of the number of fish.. the baby platy was the only one alive but barely.. he is currently in a container filled with water from another tank sitting next to a tank with heating so she hopefully doesnt get too cold.. i dont know what to do?? i dont know why this happened.. i have the fish bodies in the freezer in bags i thought maybe someone could help me figure out what happened.. i just want to throw these tanks out i cant lost anymore fish!!
  11. I've never seen them in my main tank, i did use the macro they are very small so hard to get pics - any tips to get closer ones?
  12. Hi fishfin! yes definitely cool to watch! i think i have commented on your post already i also started off with like 10 babies i think i have lost 2 so 8 now, i guess this is normal?
  13. Is my VT boy classical irid Turqoise or Metalic turqoise? He looks blue with a green shine to him in natural light and under the flash he looks a much richer turqoise?
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