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  1. i plan to use only softened tap water.. the tap water from the tap is about TDS65ppm. after running it through carbon it is about TDS49ppm. TDS of current tank water is 89ppm. will gradually lower it as i already have live stock in. will use sphagnum peat to soften the TDS65ppm tap water. it should be enough.. How do most mac keepers condition their water?? thanks joan! pretty for our eyes only =)
  2. G'day mates. i hope this will be a helpful thread for wild betta keepers on how to keep betta macrostomas. as i will be learning how to breed (hopefully) a wild betta species that i have little experience with. Have seen plenty of pairs and spoken to plenty of breeders since 4years ago but never got the guts to take them on. so today, i finally placed a payment for a wild adult pair of macs. if all goes well they should arrive next week. EXCITING!!! i will start with my tank setup. Messy driftwood base with moss covered driftwood on the top. Plants used are java moss, java fern, floating duckweeds, amazon frogbits and blyxa japonica. IAL leaves littered all over after the placements of driftwoods. Tank 50x40x45 (filled to 80% = 70L) filter eheim 2215 (flow lowered + inlet sponge) + eheim 2211 (will be removed once they have settled down and show signs of courtship) 18W lighting 3 common bristlenoses as cleanup crew.
  3. thanks les! ive found sphagnum peat for carnivorous plants and the seller has confirmed it has no additives and she has sold it to others for aquarium usage. heres the link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140688758348&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:AU:1123 is this the correct bog peat youre talking about? i went to their website and they are selling "Canadian TE-EM sphagnum peat moss." anyone knows what TE-EM means?
  4. Like this eh: http://www.marksfish.me.uk/index.php/Tips/Peat-Filtering.html What is your ph after you soaked the peat bag?? Can I use peat from garden shops or only Canadian sphagnum peat?
  5. How do you use peat moss?? Just soak them in the tank? I just added another 6leaves.... Haha I will use as many leaves it akes to get the tan!
  6. this is how the tank looks with 12leaves in 80L for 6 days. i wish it was 1.5X darker.. unable to measure the pH yet (pH meter ran out of batteries). but ideally i want it at pH5.0. Should i keep adding leaves or should i use other methods. i heard sphagnum moss can be used too. but how?? note: this is a bare bottom tank and i do not intend to use any substrates.
  7. You have a dosing app??? Lol im prepping a tank for macs, I hope they like their leaf litter.
  8. I did not keep it airtight. But they look better after I placed them back into water. I'm using 8 small leaves for 90L of water to get the tanned colour. Is that too much?
  9. Hello, had a pack of Indian almond leaves that was unused for bt a year. The leaves have lost their brown color somehow. Does it mean it has lost its pH lowering properties?? Thx.
  10. nice... my pair died during the winter cause the heater failed and i didn't check on them. they breed very easily but are very efficient at eating their own fry as well. you will need alot more plants than that to keep fry with parents. and if you can, make it dimmer. great space!
  11. don't want to jinx it. but holding this long, he's def going to make it!
  12. betta burdigala are nice fishes! is there any distinct features of livida from the other clarets?
  13. hey someone, just wanted to express that you have my support as well. As said by hundreds before and will be said by hundreds after me, i have enjoyed every transaction with you and all the wild bettas and fishes i've received were top notch. hang in there!
  14. @fishbite i was thinking of not using my sponge filtration too.. but until now my burdigala still has white spots. will wait for my IAL to come, then maybe i will go filterless too. any photos of the livida? its quite a rare fish to keep. @sarah you're pretty active in the wild betta section! keeping any wilds of your own?
  15. woohoo! great job. what is the filtration like? i have the same species of watersprite as yours but mine doesn't seem to do well..
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