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Betta and Bomb Scare


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A Betta in a jar today caused a bit of trouble in The Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

I had to attend court today,

and I was lending Winterwhite the yellow dragon girl to breed. (the one I had purchased from him).

I was transporting her in a jar, and put her in my bag, as it was too cold to leave her in the car.

They scan everything when you enter the court.

It's the first time I have been there.

My bag was put through the machine, and I had actually forgotten about the Betta.

As the bag came through, I was told to stop, and three people came over.

Then they said there was a jar in the bag, and asked me to remove it.

By this time there were 4 or 5 people there.

When I showed them it was just a little fish, they looked pretty puzzled.

Luckily one of them knew about Bettas, and the fact that they needed to be kept at a warmer temperature.

He said it was a female, and he would have her. (Maybe that was if they confiscated her)

They then called a more senior person over, and he said it was OK.

I said I suppose I could have used it to slap someone , and he laughed, and said he didn't think I could do much damage with it.

By this time, the rest of them were laughing, and commenting on it.

He thought it was funny, and said that I had made history,

with the first fish ever bought into the magistrate's court!

I don't think the scanning did any harm to her, and she still looks fine.

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LOL! I bet a fighter fish has never felt more powerful! I'd love to see a print out of that x-ray.

Pulling out a jar with a fish in it and placing it on the table in a cafe draws a few sideways looks too. :)

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