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  1. Happy Birthday Nina. Hope you are having a lovely day. Best wishes from Ann, Carmel and Sherrie.
  2. I would be happy to lend him or sell him to someone who wants to breed him. I love his colours. They came out well in the photos of him.
  3. Do you have a filter in the tank, or any aeration?
  4. Happy to have a critique of them, thanks Lilli
  5. Here are photos of two new boys from Nicebettas. Photos used with permission from Vinita from Nicebettas. She is such a lovely person to deal with. Mainly bought as 'show ponies', as I loved their colours. But I will probably get some girls from her to go with them. They have arrived at Jodie's last night. So I'm excited about getting them soon.
  6. I looked these up on their website, and they only increase the temp. by approx. 2 degrees. So it would depend on how cold your room got at night. I've been looking at them as well. Age of Aquariums seems to be the cheapest for these and the 25watts, and they will beat any cheaper price found. Has anyone found them cheaper? 7.5 watt $24.00 25 watt mini heater $18.00 At least the 25watt is fully adjustable, so I think I will go with that one.
  7. makes you think twice about these pretty marbles on Aquabid. To change that much in colour is amazing. I had a foal that changed colour 6 times. He is still growing out into a lovely boy, Jo.
  8. Wow, fantastic Holly!!!! I love this: "Then my 4 year old came running & threw his arms around me & said "I'm so proud of you Mummy!". That was so lovely. We have fry hatching this morning, from an VT with long fin extensions (he looks like some sort of crossbred), and a Green Snow HMPK girl.
  9. Lovely photos. There are some other nice ones in the background as well, esp. the blue and yellow one.
  10. We never change all their water at once. 25 to 50% at a time, at the most. Not sure if you meant you changed all their water at once?
  11. we also have an orange one here. His fins aren't quite as long, but they are a lot wider. If anyone wishes to use them, they are most welcome
  12. Hi Lilli, one day at a time is the best way to do it. I was a bit disapointed today, as I thought they had died, or been eaten by dad. But we put the light on them tonight, and they are still swimming around. Makes you wonder how something so tiny could survive at all in the wild. Thanks Jo, have deleted some messages.
  13. a_little_oc


    Our male was building a nest, so we put a girl in with him, They seemed over excited, and destroyed the nest, mainly with him chasing her. She had slightly torn fins. Then we sat the girl in a jar next to the male's tank, so they could get used to each other. He had an average bubble nest, but when we put her next to him, he built a huge bubble nest. Then when we put them back together, they accepted each other really well. They spawned within a day. There was no further damage to her fins.
  14. Jo. I know every fish, what they are, and what they look like, lots of observation and attention. But there is no way I am going to count them. Far to frightening. Lots of work to maintain them, but fun.. Most of them were at the Melb meeting, but we bought more there too. Also my imports should arrive at Louise's on Thursday. Can't wait. I'll be bringing some of them to the next Melb. meeting. Hopefully there will be some babies from them to bring as well. Winterwhite, I'll keep you updated on your's.
  15. Hi Jonathan, (Winterwhite), Thank you, The Fishies are doing really well. I took the two boys to the Melb meeting. The girls look very good in their display tank. They are all such lovely fish. Next step is to breed a pair of them. Probably the Green Snows. To qoute you: (my quote button doesn't work) 'sounds like you have a nice animal secret island going on there' We have 42acres, 8 minis and ponies and a 22yo 15.3hh Appaloosa mare, a Texas Longhorn Bull, a Kangaroo a very fat Black Lab, 3 cats (one was rescued from a farm as she had been run over by a milk tanker ) a tortoise, an Axo, 4 ponds of ass. goldfish, a 5' tank of tropicals, we now have baby guppies and platties as well. mice (the kids get $2ea for them from the pet shop), rabbits and guinea pigs. ducks, chickens And of course, a house full of assorted Bettas, holding pride of place in the fish department.
  16. We still have swimmers this morning!!!!!!!! So far, all's well. We have noticed some hitching a ride on dad. yesterday he had a few on his face. I will post some pics later
  17. Yes that was Sherrie's head in front of the beanie boxes. I didn't get to bed untill 2AM, after adjusting all the bettas back into their tanks and rehoming the assorted ones we took home, including 8 guppies, as well, and sorting out the baby roo. Had to take 2 headache tablets (only the 2nd time I have had any this year.) The little joey slept in bed, wrapped up in jumpers, between Peter and I. She was toasty warm, and we could feel her knitting against us through the night. We delivered her to the wildlife carer this morning at 8.45am. Just what I needed, more driving, lucky me!! Hi Muthoaf5, The wildlife carer rang back at lunchtime and said she is drinking well, but is very small, so we hope she keeps doing well. She dosen't have her eyes open yet. I will start a new thread with photos in the next couple of days, if she is still doing well. edited for dyslexic spelling of head (haed)
  18. Lucky we got the micro worms on Sat. Thanks for bringing them. They are just hatching now. Little dots swimming everywhere. Dad is busy putting them back in the nest. Sherrie is so excited. Lucky we got the micro worms on Sat. I didn't even think they would hatch at all!!! Of course they still have to survive yet. It gives us encouragement to try some of the Better Bettas!
  19. Wow!!! We have babies!! I need glasses. They are so tiny!!!!
  20. I presume that as the liquid has no where to go, this procedure would relieve the pressure exerted by the build up of the fluid. She would have to feel a lot better now. It's great to be able get together and share learning between members. Quote from Nina Ninoid 12 (my qoute button won't work) 'Hope everyone who bought my fishies loves them Will let you know when my red dragons are ready. And my blacks.' Sherrie was up pretty early. They love their new fish, and Sherrie has spent the morning putting assorted water weed into tanks and ponds. They have both spent lots of time admiring their new fish, and their prize winning boys. They both sat with them on trays, on their laps, for at least 1/2 an hour this morning. They are thinking of names now.
  21. Thanks everyone. we got home at 12pm We rescued a joey from a dead roo that had been hit by a car, so guess what is going to bed with me!!! She is warm and tucked in under my jumper. It's a little girl, but she has no fur yet. We have to keep her warm till morning, so we can take it to the wildlife carer. My kids are still excited about their 2nd and 3rd prizes. Thanks Mike for organising a great day, and thanks everyone for the great company.
  22. I suppose it's sometimes a bit hard too, as it is a first for this male too. So I hope he gets it right 1st time! So far so good. He is still looking after them. When I fed him, he ate his dinner, then went back to his nest. Sherrie, my 12yo daughter is so excited, as the boy is her fish. She hasn't stopped talking about it, or giving progress reports since she came home from school. I have to tell her how many people have read tthis topic, and let her read the replies. Great fun for kids.
  23. We are all excited. We had our first spawn today. They are only VT's, but he is a lovely purple/pink/blue-green and white multicoloured VT, and she is a red/purple Delta Tail cross VT female. We put them together 2 days ago, but they destroyed the nest. So I put her in a jar next to him, so he rebuilt the nest, and then I put them back together yesterday. I was in Melb. so I didn't check them untill 11AM today. I noticed them tending the nest, then saw them putting the eggs back in the nest. I removed the female, as I wasn't sure if she was also eating some of the eggs. She has a little tearing of her fins. When I checked him at 6PM, I thought the nest had been destroyed, but on closer observation, I noticed he had made the nest under one of the plant leaves (it is fern shaped) and he had moved the eggs into it. It looks very neat and secure. So we will have to wait and see if they hatch. This will be a good trial run, before we try the more exotic ones. Now we have lots more reading about spawning and fry, to brush up now.
  24. Hi, did you buy them in Melb? They had two lovely whites like yours at Upmarket Aquariums last week. I was tempted to buy one of them, but restrained myself.
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