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  1. Happy Birthday Nina. Hope you are having a lovely day. Best wishes from Ann, Carmel and Sherrie.
  2. I would be happy to lend him or sell him to someone who wants to breed him. I love his colours. They came out well in the photos of him.
  3. Do you have a filter in the tank, or any aeration?
  4. I looked these up on their website, and they only increase the temp. by approx. 2 degrees. So it would depend on how cold your room got at night. I've been looking at them as well. Age of Aquariums seems to be the cheapest for these and the 25watts, and they will beat any cheaper price found. Has anyone found them cheaper? 7.5 watt $24.00 25 watt mini heater $18.00 At least the 25watt is fully adjustable, so I think I will go with that one.
  5. Lovely photos. There are some other nice ones in the background as well, esp. the blue and yellow one.
  6. we also have an orange one here. His fins aren't quite as long, but they are a lot wider. If anyone wishes to use them, they are most welcome
  7. Good job taking photos of them, as they don't stay still for long.
  8. Thanks birdy, we are safe here, but my parents at Healesville nearly lost their house. The fire front hit them from 3 sides at once. They had very little warning, and we are so lucky not to have lost them as well. Two of their neighbours lost their houses and a friend's daughter also lost her house in that area. I'm not sure yet how many houses have been lost around Healesville yet. It has been a very worrying time. The biggest worry now, is firebugs lighting more fires.
  9. Hi, thanks everyone. I have photos, but I have to borrow a memory card reader from a friend so I can transfer the photos, as the lead for the camera has the wrong end for this computer. So I will post them in the next few days. Lilli, maybe angelfish get in more trouble when they have extra gang members to play with. He/she will be evicted to another tank if there is any trouble. The betta in the main tank is a crown tail. We love these boys. Most have become very friendly quite quickly. They come right to the side of their tanks when you go near them. My daughter purchased the apricot
  10. Hi from Ann, My two daughters are 12 and 13yrs old. We have 10 lovely Betta boys. We are very interested in breeding and want to learn as much as possible before attempting this. We have baby guppies and platties that are doing well. We have a lovely 5' community tank with river rocks, plants and driftwood, housing guppies, platties, swords, mollies, 2 bristlenoses, congo tetra, diamond tetra, a well behaved gold marble angel, neons, and a happy blue and purple veiltail. 4 boys are in a display tank in the aquarium. We have 3 crown tails, (including a dalmation? red purple blue/green an
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