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  1. Wow, well done Lilli for developing such an amazing site filled with so much knowledge. When I first joined, I learnt so much from you and your wealth of knowledge. Thank you very much for the magnificent contribution you have made. Best of luck to Razzi filling in her shoes :)
  2. How are your infusoria cultures going? I use to create 3 just in case one goes foul I have back up. Now I just have a big tub in the backyard that fills with green water and mozzies :)
  3. I quite liked the third female due to the spread. She also has nice body form. You can always cross her offspring to an over HM with a sharp caudal down the track to cause the following generation to have a sharper and fuller spread. The other females don't have as nice caudal and Fidget's head appears to dip slightly.
  4. how often are you doing water changes? what do you normally feed him and how often?
  5. Lyarlla

    new here

    someone sends to fish out by courier to where ever you are in the country. So it doesnt matter that you are in Melbourne. She can send them there too :)
  6. Hi Angela, welcome to the forum. Good thing you separated the babies! Guppies love to eat their babies!!
  7. Lyarlla

    new here

    Hi Domn, we normally import our bettas from places like Thailand off Aquabid.com and go through someone aka someone who is our transhipper. You need to check the seller on Aquabid ships/sends bettas to Australia. Once you purchase the fish from a seller, you need to let their Transhipper know and let someone know. The bettas are quarantined upon entry into Australia (which attracts a fee) and then are couriered to our door. There should be more info about this in this thread http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showforum=37
  8. Hi Brooke, I started with one tank too. Now I have lots (although Im trying to scale down!!) It all started because of a blue betta I decided to buy myself.... What sort of fish do you have/are you getting? How big is your tank? Lyar
  9. The kids are growing rapidly and are being provided with unending zucchini. Its a bit of a feast really, they are all swarming over it. They seem not to like broccoli as much (but the snails do!) nor lettuce. Will try cucumber and sweet potato next. Dad has been trying to clear out any babies from the log without much success. I think he wants more.
  10. FAR OUT!!! If you are living with someone, they must be super patient to allow your obsession to get this out of hand, hahaha.
  11. Brad - I wont lie to you... I cheated. I simply copied and pasted what Wayne had typed PS. If you grow that stuff big enough it seems to sell for a decent price if you sell it privately :o
  12. hahaha, noooo!! LOL. I've just made another tank clear for my bluegrass guppies!!. Im trying to downscale! Actually I lost my second imported bluegrass guppy female today! She'd just had her second batch of fry since I got her and she was so weak afterwards. Have lost no other fish in the tank. Parameters came back ok except nitrates at 35, and ammonia was up really really slightly. Last time that happened I lost the last female. They must be supersensitive! How many tanks have you got Wayne and where do you manage to keep them all??
  13. Dad is frantically still trying to guard and shoo escaped fry back in Mum is near the front of the cave again. Round 2 already??? I counted about 25+ babies out of the cave though. Cant believe there are so many on their first spawn! How many babies do they have when they get bigger then??? :o
  14. wooo Süßwassertang!! I wonder if it tastes like seaweed?
  15. hahahha, so much excitement over something so little! Great news Cassi :(
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