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  1. I wouldn't of thought it was possible to cross but I'm still new at fish It could have been a random mutation they worked with?
  2. as in these ones? http://www.aquascapeonline.com/ProdImages/..._Blue_Ram_3.jpg
  3. I love rams! I was just wondering how common the all blue type was in Australia. They're still pretty rare in the rest of the world but I'm sure SOMEONE has some!
  4. Pro - its pretty! Makes a better environment for the tank and (most importantly) makes people exclaim, be amazed and astonished when they see how awesome fish tanks can be. Con - they tend to need high light and Co2 which = more money going out the drain Did i get that the right way around?
  5. Hi!! I can tell you've been hanging around with non-americans because you called it a betta! So few aquarium workers even know theyre bettas :D
  6. awww they're so cute!!! I love rams <3
  7. Thats awesome Jeremy! I'd love some, I'm keeping a small breeding population of Endlers atm which i was ASURED where class N but they've been throwing the most amazing double lyra tails I've ever seen soooo... lol I'd love some proper Endlers one day I need to get them their own tank first though.
  8. i bought my stuff! lol setting it up now, will post pics in a min. I changed the fish I'm putting in the tank so instead of having driftwood I'm using his cave - he loves his cave So its now a planted up rock scape with a little bit of white sand making a path into his cave. my arms are covered in duckweed. Update: The dust hasnt settled enough for me to take a photo yet, I rinsed all of the gravel aside from one TINY handful second I added that handful BAM couldnt see a thing! The tanks looking pretty good though, MAYBE a bit over crowded but I wanted it to look like an over gr
  9. I've already got my fish from someone No room for anymore for a while yet. lol I was gonna ask the same question! Also is the clay better fired or not :(
  10. Both? BOTH! Why this will be a full little tank! Thats a nice set up you linked, you've used the driftwood just like I'd planned too! Did you get an update on it yet? also where did you end up getting your plants from? I'd love to get some of that swirly java fern but can't justify the $20 price tag.
  11. and Elodea! I just discovered subscape aquariums in Richmond the other day, stunning display tanks! Can't wait to go back :alright: Do you think that globe will be enough light for Mayaca or should I go the Ludwigia option instead?
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!~!~!!!!!! *Dances enthusiastically from side to side* :alright:
  13. http://www.natives.net.au/images/OSM_PLUS_NativeGdns500g.jpg is the stuff? Mayaca is nice! I wonder if I can buy it locally, do you know of anywhere? Gosh I wish I had a car so I could race out and buy everything right away! >_< then again it might be cheaper to pay shipping from a website then to buy plants locally where they're all $6-$15... Ah well if I'm not still sick tomorrow then I know what I'll be up too! Thanks for your help! I'll get pictures together as soon as I have something to photograph!
  14. Mum bought the lamp I'm afraid, I guess I'll just have to take it on a tour of Melbourne and see what I come up with! Worm castings are safe for fish tanks? I'd have never guessed! I can't really justify spending the money on ADA substrates for this tank. I'm planning a 4ft planted tank soon so most of my funds need to go on that ALSO seeing as most of the plants won't care about the substrate... Silly java ferns! I might try the dwarf chain swords! They're cute, I also need to get some floating plants, do you think riccia would get enough light if it was left to float? (The betta in
  15. So I've been thinking for the past few days as I sit and watch my Desk buddy Morpheus "Wouldnt it be nice to give you a cute little planted tank? Oh but I'd need to find a place where I could change out that bulb in my lamp for a plant light" Well I just pulled it out to see what size the globe was, turns out its a compact fluorescent 11w 6400k, near perfect range for plants unless I'm mistaken or at the very least acceptable. Sadly however I suspect that its past its use by date and I should get it a new bulb anywho, Anyone in Melbourne know where to pick up a good plant light? The ta
  16. Here - Have another one! Welcome!
  17. GASP you can't forget! Then who will I tell about how awesome my 2 fish are...aside from all the other people there!
  18. *gasp* his amazing! Great find! I'd have found a place for him too!
  19. I've decided I like this forum because people reply to my posts.
  20. ha! Cool thanks thats very helpful, the next thing to figure out is if this one is more cost effective then making my own inc filter and light :D
  21. I guess so, I do know one place which keeps the 4-8 section ones with the filter/heater at the back at the back
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