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  1. Hey guys! I've been wanting to get into wilds for many years now and may finally have the tank space. I'm currently setting up 4 planted tanks. I think it would be great to use these tanks for this program. They're 3ft long and could be easily divided (although I'm not 100% clear on what are the best methods I'm sure I can find info on the internet) I would be very interested in coccina and rutilans if people still have them, I'm also fond of Falx as I had them during my time in the USA.
  2. Thanks for the info I've been away for a while so it's very possible he wasn't eating properly but he's normally such an aggressive guy that it would have to be due to illness, I know he wasn't THAT thin last week, the other two seem a good weight just dull. Lost him last night, he started acting drunk and the fuzz on the top of his head looked to be healing up, was almost healed looking when I found him last night. Someone on another forum suggested infection in the sensory pits of his head? The tank would have been running hot yesterday from the weather.
  3. He is't one of the new ones, can't find the new ones theyre tiny pleco had him for months, he was $40, new ones were $45each...going into neon tetras after this i think. He didn't seem unusually thin a few days ago. It was raised before, maybe like its healing over now, will over feed him just in case! Is it contagious?
  4. Hey all On Tuesday mum took two of my new fish from quarantine and put them into my main tank, today one of my blue is looking very unwell, horribly thin, no colour and more recently his gotten some white lumps on his head. Not sure if its related to the new fish (I was out for the evening when mum put them in) I bought 2 L066 plecos and a large longfin BN, mum decided to put the new fish in my main tank (A planted 4ft) after one of the L066 died in quarantine... Hoping it isn't something nasty which will wipe out the tank please help, my other two german blues are looking unwell too. His colour is a dark dull blue and he has very little colour, is just hanging out on the bottom of the tank looking uncomfortable.
  5. Nether can I lol, I think he's eaten the eggs theres no way I'll be able to find 3 fry in a tank with that many plants so I'll just treat it like they're there for a few weeks lol.
  6. Fish fair was AWESOME! I only got there at 1 to man my table and thank god I didn't come any earlier!!! So much good stuff. I went home with 3 heaters, a tank of multis and the door prize of some books and the underwater garden dvd!
  7. Driving home the other day I happened to notice a full moon...or at least a moon which looked full lol. Thought it would be worth throwing a pair together to see if anything happened, well I went through my adult pairs, nothing seemed ready then I noticed the little three or four month old Rosetail boy and his timid sister. She was eggy and he's always flirting with the girls so I put them in together. Well nothing happened, he has too much tail to do her much harm so I've been watching them to make sure they don't do anything stupid but they never spawned - or so I thought! I decided today to move them back into their normal tanks, checked the cup through the glass, no eggs, picked the cup up "ooooh I'm sorry little eggies I couldn't see you!" Rosie and I are now the proud grandparents of 3 free swimming fry who the father insists stay in the nest and a batch of what look like eggs from today. Could they have spawned twice? Getting her out will be fun lol I'm going to give him a few minutes...hours after disturbing the nest before I try it. I'm so nervous for my little guys >_< I hope I can raise them...and that he doesn't eat them before its my chance to take care of them lol. I'll post pics tomorrow! They're from Ninoids spawn so you can imagine!
  8. Best game ever! As for cameras I would have thought that it would be up to the... 1. aliens who are soon to invade our planet and paint everything pink 2. bartender at the local 3. individual stall owners.
  9. lol Afraid I can't offer much help to anyone as I just joined the club myself but I'm pretty sure I heard them say something about needing to register yourself as a seller so give Daryl a call and be sure. As for cameras I would have thought that it would be up to the
  10. I wouldn't of thought it was possible to cross but I'm still new at fish It could have been a random mutation they worked with?
  11. Sad news I'm afraid The male didn't make it. He had a lot of other problems though had was almost dead when I bought him from a LFS 3 or 4 weeks ago. All of the females are doing fine, you'd never never know there was a problem! The few which had slightly clamped fins are back to their normal crazy selves.
  12. Filter? Whats a filter? lol They have bubbles and things to move the water ever so little :)
  13. lol true enough!! I picked up a treatment of M. green with a bit of copper (11) sulphate. It should do the trick Might do the trick on the plants a little too well lol!!! dw theres no pet snails in there! (likely no snails actually with the way the fish go after em.)
  14. as in these ones? http://www.aquascapeonline.com/ProdImages/..._Blue_Ram_3.jpg
  15. I can't find any of the jungle tabs, I'll go for a drive around today as the poor fish isn't looking good - wish me luck! lol I put a new aquarium light onto my girls tank and low and behold its in there too! Not a surprise as I've tried spawning him with one of them before. Good thing I upgraded their light ey? They weren't showing signs of clamped fins or anything you'd expect. I've got them in the dark but these heaters are useless no matter how high I set them they're still not getting above 25C so it looks like I'm up for another two heaters. I'll have a look around Melbourne today and see what I can find...and yes I mean Melbourne I've already done the Whitehorse/Blackburn area but theres a lot of Melb to go!
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