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Betta Homes Stage 1

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Just thought you guys would like an update in regards to how my fighter set up is going so here we are:

The tank is really plain jane at the moment but much much more to be added in the future: :woohoo:


Image0065.jpgThe Side with one of my girls :fyi:

Image0063.jpg Another One

I also purchased 3 bristlenose 1 peppie, 2 standard bristle nose

Now, my boys :) I have just spent hours setting this up. I know its only a small starter barracks but I'm really prooud of it :)


I hope you all like :)

I tried to get more pics of the males but as you can see below.....too much glare


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Well Done Queenserpentine, lots of fun there! Re the glare- I try to take all my flash pics on about a 20 to 25 degree angle to the tank face so the flash doesn't come straight back at the camera and into the photo.(See how good your pic of the barracks looks for this reason). I also find it really helps to reduce reflection/glare if you wipe the glass clean before shooting. Enjoy your little mates!

cheers, Brad. :woohoo:

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thanks Lilli ;)

Yep, I've already carded them so they can't see each other. I had some spare sheets of black foam in between the containers so the boys can get all terrtorial and flare when i excercise them :)

Fergis: Umm, yep, all up including filter media and everything I paid a good $240.00

its not a bad little set up so I'm really happy with it.

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Hi Queenserpentine,

Just wondering... what lighting are you using? I've got the same system and have yet to work this bit out... have currently got some stick on LEDs' that are chewing up the batteries.



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I would say you would have to get a LFS to order one for you - i doubt betta barracks is something any LFS would keep in stock - online retailer or physical store.

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Hey Queenserpentine where did you get the barracks from? I've been to 6 different stores and checked out their website and STILL haven't found one for sale :)

You'll need to find a pet shop that is an AquaOne stockist. The easiest way to find the nearest one to you is to go to the UK AquaOne Website, select Australia & AquaOne (the brand name may not be available so enter without it... it'll return with AquaOne in the 'select brand' box). Once on the Australia page, select "Find a Stockist" in the heading bar at the top (far right tab) just under the AquaOne Sign. This will take you to the "Find an Aqua One stockist in your area" page... just enter your postcode and Bob's your uncle.

The Product code you'll need to quote to be able to order this system is 53349bk.

Hope that helps :)

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thanks guys :( Well, I manages to find the barracks at amazing amazon. They happened to have an older style one there for sale at the moment for those who are interested.

Yep, its just an aqua one one.

I'd recommend one as long as you test the pump before hand as I know some pumps with these can be faulty or a little fidgety.

Thanks for all your interest

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