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  1. Hi Joan, yeah you would need a garbage bin to produce enough m.w. for a large herd of endlers! My adult endlers share the same diet as my killis and betta. They all eat well - f.d.black.w, live b.s, live blood.w, hikari micro pellets, veg flake, live mozzie larvae, + any small bugs/flies that I find. Gardneri go bezerk on live flies -they love the hunt and seem to have incredibly good eyesight. Flies can't escape the tank because there are no gaps in the killi tank lids. Fun to watch.....sick me . Joan, when you said a "warm area" for the m.w. culture, did you mean near a window or on the top of a fridge? Cheers,-Brad. :)
  2. Thanks for that good advice f4u. I probably should have mentioned that I'm not feeding baby betta. I've been feeding m.w. (amongst other foods)to my endlers fry and killi fry. I have lots of ramshorns in the fry tanks to mop up any excess-(of anything). 10 mins after feeding there are no m.w. visible on the floor of the tank so all is good in that area. A hundred or so endlers fry eat a lot of m.w! Reckon they would eat till they burst. Cheers, Brad.
  3. Thanks for the feedback on this one guys. I took your advice f4u and dunked the lid, cool transfer without hurting any worms or filthing my fingers with schlekky gank . Cheers , Brad.
  4. hobbygodz

    Micro Worms

    Hello fellow forum members. Just a quickie regarding microworms. When feeding micro worms to your fry do you guys wash them at all to remove the cloudy (oats)shleck that goes with them into the tank? I had been washing them in the past, but I don't now,(streamlining/lazy! ). My fish are all very healthy, but I would like to check that I'm not doing the wrong thing here. Cheers & thanks guys , Brad.
  5. There goes the neighbourhood :rip:
  6. Hi Lisa. The dose rate is 1 ml (1cc) per 7 litres of tank water. Cheers, Brad.
  7. The "Just Fish" website is up and running again. I noticed they are advertising various killis for sale at reasonable prices. Cheers guys, Brad.
  8. Hi Jo, glad you've got your hands on the lev quickly and easily. What I would likely do would be to remove the cories and pregnant guppies to an isolation tank while treating the main tank and the remaining fish therein a.s.a.p. I'd chuck them (and their fry) back into the treated (and cleaned) main tank after about a week or two and see how they go. You now have plenty of lev to treat them later (separately) if required. Kill all snails from your tank (reason following below). Introduce new snails from an unaffected tank, but not until the lev is totally gone - it will kill them. Any fish that is flashing is likely to be harboring worms or their larvae. (Do be aware that flashing may also possibly be due to changed water parameters from the previous avitrol treatment.) Do some "googling" and I think you will find that snails are a vital host/link in the life cycle of these worms and some other nasty fish affecting parasites, which is likely why some aquarists absolutely hate them. In spite of this unsettling fact I firmly believe that the "correct" snails play an absolutely vital role in keeping a balanced, healthy aquarium. Those "correct" snail types being of the pond and ramshorn variety. Mystery snails are good too - if you don't mind them munching your plants a bit. Populations of these three types of snails I know to be totally manageable. I have been advised by many to definity avoid malaysian trumpet snails as they will totally plague your tank - not good. Cheers, Brad. (p.s. -make sure it's the "pig & poultry" version of Big L that you have purchased)
  9. Hi Jo, it would probably be a good idea to remove cories and any loaches if you have them - provided they are not displaying worms or flashing. I have heard they are not too fond of lev. I had cories in one of the affected tanks. I didn't treat them. I still have them and they never got worms. As I said (thankfully) not all fish in a tank seem to harbor these horrid things. Cheers, Brad. (P.S. got my "Big L" from 2easy.com.au)
  10. Hmm....at the moment it is spelt; B....I....L....L = Bill. Cheers, Allan/Alan/Bill/Brad etc.....:rofl:
  11. As usual the SKG meet was a hoot. I also did well in the raffle, scoring a gorgeous pair of Dallas' Apho Fundulopanchax scheeli, and some nice plants too. Thank-you Lisa for your informative "hands-on" lecture of your betta breeding technique at the meet. Stuff like that really helps to make the night. Cheers, Brad.
  12. Hi Jo, Iv'e had to deal with outbreaks of camallanus worms on a few occasions. The worms have been in the gut of the fish for some time before they eventually appear fully grown at the fish's vent. The magic bullet to destroy these nasties is pure levamisole hcl. Most avian (and marine) wormers contain other (undesirable) ingredients including varied anti-parasitics and sugars to make the stuff palatable to birds. "Big L" pig and poultry wormer is only levamisole hcl,and at 1 ml per 7 liters will drop these suckers dead in 24 hours. I swear by it 100%. About $22.00 online for 500ml. Dead worms on the bottom of the tank are grey in colour, live ones will be pink. Cover the tank with a towel or such for at around 36 hours after infusion as lev hcl breaks down quickly under light. For some strange reason often not all fish in a tank will become hosts to these parasites. Substrate would be a problem when loaded with dead worms (and snails) as a result of treatment and it will need to be cleaned. Pure levamisole is harmless to plants and can be removed slowly with normal water changes. It is also reputed to bolster the immune system of most fish. If your fish dies after treatment it is because the fish has been either irrepairably damaged by the infestation or cannot pass the dead worm lump. Having said this, I should add that I have not yet lost a single infested fish treated in the aforementioned method. Cheers, Brad.
  13. Thank-you for an enjoyable afternoon Lisa. Though attendance was down, the meeting was quite productive,something of a "fish-tank think-tank" - Brad
  14. Cool....a new life-form. My bet is eggs of some sort. Unlikely to be alien. Is it spreading,(as one might expect from a fungus),or morphing as eggs would? -Brad.
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