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  1. Hi and welcome to AAQ! I'd love to see some pics of your fish if you'd like to share!
  2. Didn't you move up to Cairns from Airlie? Or are you back in Airlie again? I'll be in Airlie for a week in April might be able to catch up for a coffee if you're still there! :lol:
  3. Reposted with new pics... Flickr is a little different to use then Photobucket. The code to use for posting photos isn't shown upfront, but it is there! When viewing the image you want to post, click on the button "All Sizes". Note: sometimes this is only viewable to the owner of the photo depending on their privacy settings. The "All Sizes" page shows up to 5 different resized images of your original image. (depending on what image size you uploaded) You click on the size you want to use. Keeping in mind not to post image sizes over 800 x 600 on the forums. Then below imag
  4. When in Photobucket click on the picture you want to use to open it into a single image page. Then copy the IMG Code on the bottom right hand side (see red box) then paste it into the post your are writing on AAQ.
  5. There are so many conflicting reports of communal tanks out there that it's hard to decide what's right and what's not. What works for one may not work for another. I suggest doing a search here on AAQ, reading everything you can find and then decide if it's for you or not. Personally i have a tank with 5 female betta, 1 male betta, a mollie, a zebra danio and a bristlenose and they all get along famously. A lot depends on the temperment of your fish. I also have another tank with 3 females living in harmony together - there has never even been a single nipped fin in that tank.
  6. Fergus


    You would have to contact someone about that. Her website is www.someone.com you can get her contact details from there. She is a member of AAQ but only checks in when she has time :)
  7. Fergus


    Welcome to Bettaholics Anonymous AusAqua!!!! :)
  8. He's a lovely VT - i really like his colour!
  9. :) the little ones have colour too Cassi *hides*
  10. Just thought i'd share a couple of pics of the new juvvies i have... One of 3 BN babies, about 15mm in length Juvvie fry... Lavender HMs, Platnium HMPK, Orange Metallic HMPK The largest of the Platniums Juvvie Tank
  11. Fergus

    Hello :)

    Hiya! Welcome to AAQ :D
  12. Fergus


    Hi ya! Where you from? And what types of bettas are you breeding?
  13. Fergus

    Boo :D

    HMPKCT = Halfmoon Plakat Crowntail.... something i hope to work with in time!
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