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look what at my fish food

jo oakley

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I he lost pots of black worms be for the fish even got to taste them

The NL foods seem to be there favorite

and I had stooped of and bought them treat as well (NO TREATS TONIGHT)

The grow was unopened so the little **** didn't get into it thank the stars

The Thea was all over the floor I think I may have just got home in time

One of the dogs was very slow to come and greet me

The alga plates got opened last week but not eaten and be for that it was the MW cultures 1/2 eaten and all over the hall

Micheal yeah I have a bucket of Grow pet shop out here don't stock it so I go for the big one when I am in town

and my young fish love it work out less than 1/2 the price per 227g

You should see Cichlids grow on the stuff its almost like the little toys you put in water and watch the swell and grow before you eyes.

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