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  1. It a week since Raelene Bennett and I had our big adventurer with the horse and ponies :-) My new pony Arnie is a big hit with Stella. Giving Hadley the break that he needs, Stella likes to push him around a bit too much. I hopped on Arnie for the first time(very short ride), Very pleased with him!! moved from my leg and had some idea about turns and did nothing when Stella knocked over something in the feed shed lol.

  2. That's sad Joan.What's new in the tank, fish, plants, rock, anything? have you been using sprays? Did the deaths happen on hot days? Can you do a Nitrite test?
  3. I would check you Kh, if you pH is swinging it could be to low.
  4. Thank you!! I now have Skype downloading as I type. I have signed in :-) Neffy committees are fun?r as fun as we can make it.
  5. Ther other site I got to is, a UK site called Guppies.com. http://www.guppies.com/forums/login.php?do=login
  6. Sounds good, Can I be on the committee LOL I will need skype 101
  7. Neffy membership is one of the problems, it is a crazy time of year too. I can't remember your location? Would you be happy to have us(Vic Bettas)
  8. Vic Bettas don't have rooms for this Sundays meeting.

  9. Ok Guys, I just got a call We can't use Cliffton Hill for our meeting this time.So it's the same old game!!Has anyone got any ideas about a location???
  10. Stefan are you a Yes for the Judging? How eles wants to do it, I will be a fall back if no one comes foward OK I am only after girls with doube sword ing them, do any of you girl carrers? sorry for asking the same Question
  11. I am happy to let anyone that wants to to judge. Micheal would you have any double sword girls you don't want?
  12. I would be happy to have a bash a judging thr Bettas, I only have Spur to show at this point and I know how many faults he has.
  13. The little Bugger, I will have to get him to show me how to get my account going All I get on my twit account is error on page He's smarter than me!!
  14. Thanks fishish I like him Wayne How do I go about a Christmas tank???? Neffy, I love the way he changes colour alll the time, I am so glad I brought him home. Delyall, I want to get my hands on both your girls, I can't wait to see if he like you girl, I hope so, she would be a good match. I thought you might like to see the boy I had in mind for the Lavander BF :D
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