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  1. I'd love to see photos! You need to use a photo site like photobucket to put pictures on here. Then you paste the image link in the comments and hey presto there's a photo definitely try it as I'm sure a few of us would like to see your shrimpies :)
  2. ninoid12

    Jarring Fry?

    Breeding is exciting so good luck and enjoy! Prepare for a large spawn and be happy for a healthy small spawn. Ive had spawns varying from 20 to 300+ so space needs vary. The babies argue before the 11wk mark that you suggest, so separation earlier will be necessary to avoid ripped finnage. Bigger bubs separated from smaller bubs like suggested is good for the first splitting, but you will get to a point where fully separated quarters are needed. Dwalks suggestion sounds good for jarring. You could fit quite a few youngsters in this way. However it won't be ideal for sub-adults as those containers will most likely only be 1litre max and not enough for adults. Selling them off young is an option, or try harsher culling and bigger containers? Really, there is no ideal way (unless you have a fish room and too much $ like someone here I know and admire dearly- you know who you are! lol) so trial and error will probably happen. Read as much as you can on breeders experiences so you are more likely to succeed. But if things go badly, don't give up! :)
  3. ninoid12


    I had a massive spawn of over 300 once, and although the duck got a lot of them, the rest ended up in those throwaway plastic picnic cups! I had the room heated and did 50% wc every 2nd day. Cardboard dividers were removed for about 1/2-1hr a day. They all lived happily and healthily believe it or not, until they were sold. Some ppl on here that have bought from me might remember my bookshelf of fish? Lol But those containers look fine. I'd use them, and I'd wash thoroughly with salt water before you use them. But I guess this is an old post so who knows how it went lol
  4. Looks great! How has it gone over the past 6-odd months? :)
  5. So exciting!!! Watching this space keenly :)
  6. ive had bn with that too, and they have all died. I believe its something to do with unsuitable levels of something in the water. ammonia? something anyhow (mind is blank atm) Keep the tank clean but not too clean (keep it cycled is what im trying to say lol) Good luck
  7. oh neffy!!! Thats terrible RIP you big handsome boy
  8. ninoid12

    Corydora Eggs

    hey there, long time no see. lol That is a huge cory for 1mth old? Isnt it? I thought they grew really slowly. My adults i've gotten from lfs/lps's have still not grown. that ive noticed. I havent bred since my mass-loss. But i have a trio of sterbai (no idea if m or f lol) that i will try to breed soon. The tank is settled, so i feel safe to attempt it again.
  9. oh WOW. I love him!!!!! I only saw yuck coloured giants at coburg when i went (though it was 6+ months ago lol) and i got a white with grey patch. Well done on the find. He is LOVELY. Longfin giants are costly, but i'd reckon worth it *lol*
  10. Im sure mood and health DOES play a factor, but in this circumstance i'd say it might be that they are growing up. Did you get them from a private person or shop? if private, ask if they have any albino's or marbles in the tanks that may have bred with them. Some of my bn have darkened or lightened with age/size. Hope they have stayed alive for you.
  11. Could they have bred and eaten all the eggs? :)
  12. ninoid12


    Stunning pair. GOOD LUCK!!!!! (dont forget, some fry hide. WELL!!! lol. So dont give up)
  13. Ive had ones that end up almost tail-less and fin-less. Not the best thing, but it does happen sometimes. Make sure there is a lot of hiding spots for her if she isnt in the mood. Moss is great for this. And an indian almond leaf to duck under/behind. Let us know what you have in the tank, size etc. Might help.
  14. Photo isnt very good even when i clicked and zoomed. But, IMO it is a veiltail female. There arent many ray branchings, i could only count two. She looks like a nice colour though. LPS's often have browny blue girls, ugh! :)
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