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  1. I'd love to see photos! You need to use a photo site like photobucket to put pictures on here. Then you paste the image link in the comments and hey presto there's a photo definitely try it as I'm sure a few of us would like to see your shrimpies :)
  2. I had a massive spawn of over 300 once, and although the duck got a lot of them, the rest ended up in those throwaway plastic picnic cups! I had the room heated and did 50% wc every 2nd day. Cardboard dividers were removed for about 1/2-1hr a day. They all lived happily and healthily believe it or not, until they were sold. Some ppl on here that have bought from me might remember my bookshelf of fish? Lol But those containers look fine. I'd use them, and I'd wash thoroughly with salt water before you use them. But I guess this is an old post so who knows how it went lol
  3. Looks great! How has it gone over the past 6-odd months? :)
  4. So exciting!!! Watching this space keenly :)
  5. oh neffy!!! Thats terrible RIP you big handsome boy
  6. oh WOW. I love him!!!!! I only saw yuck coloured giants at coburg when i went (though it was 6+ months ago lol) and i got a white with grey patch. Well done on the find. He is LOVELY. Longfin giants are costly, but i'd reckon worth it *lol*
  7. if they are a little dirty, leave them alone. If they get filthy and clogged up with debris, slosh them around in a bucket/container of the tank water. :lookaround:
  8. lol, they are called "noodles" or ceramic noodles. The good bacteria stick to them and love it. so NEVER wash them in tap water. Ok, you should have some spongey stuff? And the noodles. Put the noodles on the bottom of the container/area where it all goes. Then put the sponge on top. The sponge will stop clumpy bits/plants/dirtyness going thru and will clean the tank. The noodles will keep the good bacteria there, to keep the water clean and healthy. I cant remember what the tank looks like exactly, but its something like what ive described. Sometimes they have black spikey looking bal
  9. I just put an air curtain in my tank, and god it looks good! thought it'd look tacky but it doesnt. And i have an air adjuster so i can have the bubbles pressure lower or harder. Apart from that, make the fish the feature- if you keep the tank plainer (maybe a few big rocks/pebbles in the corners here or there) then the fish stand out. Dont forget to post photos when youve done it :)
  10. killimike, sadly the bluegrass bug has bitten hard. I have hifin blacks, but i am in love with those bluegrass rang coburg, they dont get grass in sadly. J-L does have them, but for the price plus post (believe its 50+25post) its a bit much for a trio. Trying other venues first, then will go J.L if all else fails (no offense to you, Jodie-Lea, promise)
  11. well sad news mum and 'dad' died Damn fish Mum had been looking ugh for awhile and dad got very fat when i moved him to the fry tank. maybe he ate alltheir food? damn him. grr On the lookout for quality. emailed coburg aquarium, no grass guppies :(
  12. Thanks guys, yeah mums looking terrible atm. And so is 'dad', hes all fat and mopey. Grr, not going well. Ah, thanks for those links, i tried googling female blue grass guppies but still couldnt find any images that helped much. well ive got someone buying the fry for $1ea, im sure he will be thrilled with them anyhow as he has seen photos and ive explained they arent pure. Mum and dad, well i'll try to make them better. Definitely on the lookout for bluegrass PURE pairs/trios Anyone see any fs, let me know btw, mum never had any blue or any spotting. Only plain black finnage
  13. thats what im doing sadly, selling everyone and trying again. Might be hard to find bluegrass breeders, but i'll try. ok, here are mum and 'dad' (well, the male i got anyhow) and the bluest of the fry. but they still arent showing any spots killieorcory, its ok, i did honestly want an HONEST opinion. And i had strong suspicions the fry werent bluegrass, so i just needed a second opinion. btw, i do realise mum looks horrendous. she kept hiding in the spiky plastic plants, duh i didnt even think of her getting ripped up from it! silly me!
  14. thanks, im not too happy and so needed that hug lilli. xoxo
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