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Hi Folks


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Hi guys...

Just thought i'd say a quick hello as i've been lurking for some time now.

I currently keep a few wild bettas and am also receiving some show bettas later on this week (fingers crossed), i also have a pair of Ctenopoma ansorgii.

At the moment my prize and joy is my pair of Betta rubra.



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Thanks for the warm welcome people.

There is a UK Betta Club, but its not all that active. There is the AAGB which i will be signing up to and there is a convention in May...this includes all kinds of anabantoides, even Channa sp.

I will stick some photos up of my lot later, im really hoping the show bettas get here this week (nothing special, few pairs of HM's, pair of nice Plakats and a few giants) although this depends on the senders health. Last i heard he went in for a liver scan (best of luck terry) hope everything will be ok.

Gotta say my male rubra is absolutely stunning, i only got him yesterday (the other 2 males i had jumped, after i missed a big hole in the lid) and he is still in the tank, still alive and still looking damn good!

Will get some posts up later today.


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Hey Mez! Like the wild bettas, they are one of the genera that can be imported to Australia, so we can get them in from Asia here, unlike so much which is forbidden :-(

Betta rubra are very nice, and the ansorgii even nicer! What else are you packing?

I love your avatar! We have a year old girl, Zoe :-)

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His name is Patrick, he isnt your standard ferret! haha..he is a dutch Angoran ferret (basically long haired, but very fluffy).

I have a few other bits and bobs. Seems a bit 'show offy' making a list, so i'll just put someof my nicer stuff on:P

Freshwater wise i dont have much. I have a 35g community tank with a pair of Apistogramma algodon II, some cardinals, a nice R. fallax catfish, some limias (nigrofasciata) and some other stuff ive probably forgot. Community tanks arent really my thing, but its nice to have a planted setup.

Wilds, i have uh..

B. albimarginata x2 m/f

B. channoides x3m/f/f

B. anabatoides x1 f

B. lehi (i think) x1 f

B. rubra x2 m/f

And then i have the Ctenopoma ansorgii, some endlers, and the remaining saltwater setups, which are primarly for Mantis Shrimps (Stomatopods) though i do have a nano-reef still going with mainly LPS corals.

Soon, i hope to obtain a group of danionella translucida, described as the smallest fish in the world. i will also be getting some show bettas as mentioned when the weather clears up, but they're not really my thing. I should have some B. rutilans soon aswell.

Fingers crossed for my rubra guys!


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You can add a pair of Betta coccina to that list, and possibly on Sunday a pair of Strohi.

Here's the female coccina, will let them settle before i get more photos.


Male is a stunning fish too.


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