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Kojiro's 2ft Rescape


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Today I decided to rescape my 2ft CRS tank because I have neglected it for so long and the algae was winning :betta: Heres what I came up with;


Tank specs;

Tank - 60cm x 30cm x 35cm

Filter - 2x china brand HOBs

Lighting - 4x 24w T5s

Co2 - ADA Advanced System

Substrate - ADA Amazonia, powersand, 5 powders


Blyxa japonica

Cyperus helferi

Fissidens berteroi

Fissidens fontanus

Frontinalis antipyretica (Willow moss)

Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'

Ludwigia inclinata var.verticillata 'Pantanal'

Pogostemon Helferi

Riccardia chamedryfolia (Mini Pelia)

Rotala Macrandra 'mini'

Rotala rosea


Boraras Brigittae


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Looks fantsastic. I really like how you have not gone with a mass of different plants all over the place. There is something to be said for simplicity.

I have questions about your retention of CO2 within the water column, running two HOBs.... I wonder if this could have had something to do with your previous algae issues?

Should look awesome once it grows in.

Well done!

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Thanks for the nice comments.

Peter16 - IME HC has been easy to grow once the roots have established. Just separate individual stems from the bunch and plant them individually. I don't bother trying to just plant the roots, just stick it into the substrate so a few leaves are showing. Dosing iron helps too.

Ghengis - The algae issue (BBA and Staghorn) with the old version of this tank (CRS breeding tank) was due to the tank sitting in front of a window and I wasn't using Co2 or dosing any ferts because of the low yield of babies. Though I will be getting a canister and lily pipes when I get paid.

Kit - The reason why I'm broke is because of the rare plants and fish ><

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