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  1. Maintaining good water quality in a 220L tank isnt hard due to its capacity. Large parameter changes are rare. Re garding the nitrates, get plenty of fast growing plants in there. Hornwort will do well in the cold water as well as duckweed, this will also provide a source of food for them. (they will also eat up the ammonia.) Its good to see someone caring so much for their fish, some house 4 goldfish in a 20L bowl. Very unfair. Good luck.
  2. Welcome Aaron. do you live in the cbd?
  3. the cories should be fine with the shrimp. the cardinals might eat a portion of the shimplets though.
  4. they look good. nice and humid in there. you will need those holes drilled so some fresh air can flow in and out. btw the mussels have settled in, one of them stuck its tongue out today.
  5. Thanks for the comments Kits. Davo that is very true, however this tank is emeresed so it does not matter so much. spring is in the air, the hairgrass and glosso are flowering.
  6. Hey terribletegs, is that the case with the mutts you gave me a while back? as they have just dropped their young and still show this patch. PS the BN's are doing really well. favourite fish in the tank!
  7. Hey connor, i sourced some CRS, they should arrive next tuesday so i can start breeding them! good luck with your cubes and 3ft tank.
  8. hey Indigo, do you custom build them ? ;)
  9. Welcome "stranger" lol fair few of us on here now.
  10. I had many left over rocks from when i collected 2 wheel burrows full for my cichlid tank, I had a spare 40cm tank so decided to do another iwagumi style tank. however lacking the inspiration and decent shaped rocks i figured i would just make this "fun" scape called stonehenge.
  11. what do you mean home made system? if you are refering to diy co2 using softdrink bottles, then you couldnt use the regulator as the pressure build up in the plastic bottles would explode them. But the check valve, bubble counter and diffuser could be used with one. hope thats what you meant. Peter
  12. All shrimp can be kept together, and wont cross breed or eat eachother. your betta should leave the adults alone but may eat the youngins. The chameleons will always change colour so wont always be that pretty red. and Darwin algae shrimp do not successfully breed in FW so you will have to repopulate after a while, or move the pregnant females to a brackish environment. (not really worth all the effort) Callatya, are saying the cherries or chameleons have the white stripe ? Have fun, shrimp are great, have a bunch of them next to me now, when the forums are slow they provide some go
  13. Hey Dracon, have you put them in a tank yet? any side effects? release many tannins? how did you end up treating them? I have always been hesitent to use wood from salt water lakes and oceans, usually stick to freshwater creeks. thanks Peter
  14. Its a disposable unit, so really only ecenomical for nano tanks although a few people use it on ones as large as 4 foot. here is some info i found on it. the price i quoted is from ebay, you can get it from B&C aquariums for $100 plus shipping. http://upaqua.net/products/co2-systems/pie...tarter-package/
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