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Hey People!


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Hey there from Brisbane, Australia!

I'm very very new to the fish-scene :D Actually, I've only just set up my first tropical tank, and I'm letting it cycle fishless.

The only fish we've currently got is a vein tail betta that my mum bought my brother (who's three- I'll be looking after the fish), and he seems to be settling into his tank well.

I came across this site while I'll was researching for information on tropicals that I want to keep (so far dwarf gouramis and an oscar- not together, of course), and thought it was a smart idea to join up ^^

I've kept reptiles for quite a few years, so I know all about quarantining, and stress, feeding routines, multiple checks and equipment checks, and I surprised the woman when I bought all my equipment because I actually knew what was thermostat was lol.

Anyway, that's enough from me at the moment... because I'm tired and I probably sound like an idiot :) Look forward to getting to know some of you!

~ notechistiger.

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