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  1. Thanks for your help. I will turn the temperatures back down.
  2. notechistiger


    Hi there, Recently my dwarf gourami has developed dropsy. Since it's Christmas and we literally have no money =/ I'm not able to get any antibiotics or anything similar to try and help him. I have, however, done a 10-15% water change (I don't think it's due to the water conditions, as everything was normal) as the tank was due for one, and added some salt to the water. I have also raised the temperatures in the tank a little bit (my research indicated this may help). I have been advised not to feed him at all right now. My questions are, is there anything else I can do for him, besides minimalise stress and wait? He hasn't been fed for several days now, how long can he go before he definitely needs to eat? I certainly don't want him to start getting better just for him to starve to death =/ Thanks.
  3. I know what filters do and how they work. I didn't think it was a relevant question because I wouldn't be keeping it without a filter anyway. The filter also aerates the tank. The only species of fish I'm really interested in keeping are oscars, bettas and dwarf gouramis. The filter is an Aqua One 101F, but I may get a smaller/weaker one, as it causes a fairly strong current in the tank. No, I don't have any photos of the tank. Yes, the tank is heated. However, no, it doesn't have a light. I keep it near my lamp (making it nice and bright), and the plants are replaced regularly.
  4. Yes...? What has that got to do with any of it?
  5. Hey there, I have a tank that is approximately 20L (measurements are around 400x230x200mm). It currently houses a male dwarf gourami, and I just keep thinking that another fish is needed in the tank (just one doesn't look right). Would it be possible to have a female gourami in there as well?
  6. Yeah, freshwater snails, sorry. And I wasn't sure on the proper husbandry for snails. I used to keep them as a kid, but wasn't sure if I needed any chemicals for them. Thanks for your replies!
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put the thread lol... I'm getting a much bigger tank soon, so after a while, I'll have 18L empty tank... I will also be getting some blue tongues soon. Now, snails can be fed to bluies, and I was thinking I could breed sea snails in my tank as treats for them, and to put some into my bigger tank, etc. My questions are... What exactly is involved with breeding and keeping sea snails? If you know, are the chemicals used in aquariums toxic to other animals? And if so, how long would it take for the snails to be "chemical- free" if kept in unconditioned water (eg. in another temporary tank before feeding), and if this is detrimental to the snails at all? Thanks, ~ notechistiger.
  8. Hey there from Brisbane, Australia! I'm very very new to the fish-scene Actually, I've only just set up my first tropical tank, and I'm letting it cycle fishless. The only fish we've currently got is a vein tail betta that my mum bought my brother (who's three- I'll be looking after the fish), and he seems to be settling into his tank well. I came across this site while I'll was researching for information on tropicals that I want to keep (so far dwarf gouramis and an oscar- not together, of course), and thought it was a smart idea to join up ^^ I've kept reptiles for quite a few years, so I know all about quarantining, and stress, feeding routines, multiple checks and equipment checks, and I surprised the woman when I bought all my equipment because I actually knew what was thermostat was lol. Anyway, that's enough from me at the moment... because I'm tired and I probably sound like an idiot Look forward to getting to know some of you! ~ notechistiger.
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