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Hi- From Wollongong!


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Hi everyone!

I found this site while searching for some info on the net. I don't know much about keeping fish, so this place should be helpful!

I recently purchased a 4ft set up & i'm thinking of getting a pair of tiger oscars (any info on a good place to source some in wollongong or south sydney would be great) to start with.

I also have a smaller tank with a pair of convicts. They had babies but i went away for a few days & the fry are all gone :)

Thats about it for now!



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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

I recently placed an order through livefish.com.au

3 x Red Tiger Oscar 4.5cm

3 x Tiger Oscar 3.5cm

I also found a dedicated site which will be very helpful http://www.oscarfishlover.com/

I'm hoping to get a good pair out of this lot then end up just keeping the two.

I'll post up some pics when i get them :D

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