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Crs Planted Tank 2 - Ada

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Hi Everyone

This is my second plated tank which I started in nov/2008 for CRS shrimps only. This will be journal on the progress of the tank……. from the date it’s started. I will try to keep it updated from time to time …..


Size: 2ft

Light: T5 H/O 4x24W

Illumination Time: 10 hours/day

Filter: Eheim 2213

Subtrate: ADA

Fertilization: Dry Fertilizers

CO2: Pressurized

Water Change: Weekly


Nymphaea lotus "Malay Red Lotus"

Micranthemum micranthemoides

Rotala Najean

Rotala occutifolia

Microsorium pteropus ‘Narrow Leaf’

HC ( Hemianthus Callitrichoides)

Phoenix Moss - Fissidens Fontanus (US Fissidens)

Flame Moss - Taxiphyllum sp.

Anubias barteri var nana 'Petite'

Anubias barteri var 'nana'




Tank was setup on 29-11-2008. ADA Substrate was added which consists of all 5 powders, Power sand, Amazonia soil and Amazonia powder type soil.

After the initial setup and adding the plants Rotala Najean,

Rotala occutifolia, HC, Phoenix Moss - Fissidens Fontanus (US Fissidens) on driftwood tank looks like this.

Tank Started 29-11-2008


Tank on 25-12-2008 - App After 1 month

Plants Added: Anubias barteri var nana 'Petite', Anubias barteri var 'nana'.

HC filling in nicely and algae is also in control.


Tank on 28-12-2008

Plants Added: Nymphaea lotus "Malay Red Lotus" ,star grass and Anubis rearranged. Micranthemum micranthemoides trimmed.


Tank on 04-01-2009

Plants Added: P.helferi replaced Star Grass

Ottos also added and they are really doing a good job :)



I am not allowed to add more images so at later stage i will update this thread with more pics :)

Hope you enjoyed this photo journal.

Please feel free to give suggestions so that I can learn from all the experienced guys out there.



Jag :)

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Hi mate

Keep looking on this forum someone will come up with the swap or sale offer.

Best place is to get from other members on this forum as first of all HC is hard to get in LFS and if you get it mostly not healthy and costly.

So keep an eye on classified section.


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All shrimps are now moved to my nano tank as in this tank they dont like to come out because of high lighting.

Here are the pic of my other nano tank with shrimplets:

Shrimp Nano Tank 2


Mini Fissiden


Mini Pellia


Shrimplet vs Aqua soil


Shrimplet vs mini pellia



where are all the shrimpies?
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Another update of this tank after almost 4 months.

Tank is bit more on the green side so will add more red soon on the back of narrow leaf Java fern.

Micranthemum micranthemoides was removed from right to try how Tonina Fluvilitis will look and also little more pogo was added.

Did rotala trim 2 days ago and this is how it looks now.

Trying to maintain the layout of this tank by trimming the plants every 2 weeks. That's the hard job as Hc and other plants over grow quickly.

Hope you guys like it :)






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It will not be a problem if you mix them together.

Both are equally good and also they will be no change in water chemistry by mixing them up.

So go for it.

Thanks for appreciating the tank.


Hi there Jag, I'm loving the tank. I have amazonia soil at home do you think the aqua up soil would be ok to combine this with??
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