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4 New CT Pics as promised.


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HI All,

As mentioned in my introductory post I am currently working abroad in kuwait so very limited to fish and supplies.

I did however find these 4 guys today, or should I say 3 guys and a 1 girl?????

Really need help with the identifying if it is in fact a she. Found "it" amongst the CT Males and thought it was a youngster but starting to question myself? I am normally used to VT females so please excuse me if its obvious enough for some.

Any help would be appreciated. Also let me know your thoughts on my new males besides the obvious tail damage. No names yet. Quite fancy number 3 but still in the beginner stage of trying to determine what to look for when deciding on a good betta.

So here we go...






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the last one looks like a young male to me... can you see an ovipositor near the ventrals? I'm pretty sure that's a young male.

Really like the other 3 :) they look like they have pretty good form... just keep an eye on their tails, looks like they've had a bit of a chew.

I don't know if I'm right but from your post ("Found "it" amongst the CT Males") it sounds as if they are housed together where you got them???

Or are they just next to each other in the same general area?

(Just to make sure because I was going to say no wonder they've got ratty tails if they're housed together!)

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Hi. I will got an take a look for the ovipositor in a few and get back to you. They were not kept together in a general tank but in one area at the market. The usual storage in plastic cups. Who knows how long they have been there for but they got a good home now. Tails are a bit of a bummer but am sure all will heal nicely.

Still on the search for my female CT.

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I've got heaps of little males here that look exactly like that last one. He's is definitely a boy, just hasn't grown into his fins yet. I've never seen a long finned ct female and not sure they exist so I'd say it's safe to assume it's male.

They are all gorgeous! Who knew there were such beautiful Bettas in Kuwait!!

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I'm going to agree with everyone and say he's a male.

He might just be a late bloomer or kept in unstable water condidtions which stunted his growth.

With improved conditions he should pick up and maybe even grow into a handsome longfin male CT.

BTW I think crowntail 3 is real nice.

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Appreciate all the comments thanks guys. The now declared male is doing very well. :) Think he lacked the TLC.

Crown Tail 3 is now in the spawning tank with a lovely lady (Posted in my other post - said to be plakat) Things seem to be going as planed and should be able to see some progress tomorrow. Have decided to leave the female over night - she hasn't suffered any tail damage so we shall see...

One thing i have noticed and would love to know if there is any reason behind it is that the female is going to the bubble nest and almost attacking it. Does this mean she is not happy with the nest? I have noticed it twice with 2 separate fish.

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