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Fishy Fotos - all sorts


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Mucking around with my camera the other day scores some real nice shots. Most of these fish came from a mysetery bag of tropicals from the market, some I purchased, one I bred myself.

Enjoy :)

Buenos Ares tetra


Scissortail rasboras


Bubby male clean orange swordtail


Awesome pic of my long fin rosey barb


And my favoruite community fish Ruby the Red forest jewel


I've been dying to show off my pure white albino rainbow shark but he's a bit camera shy

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Wow they are all gorgeous fish! I'm so envious! My 3ft planted tropical is look well neglected at the moment, probably coz it is :). I'm trying to get rid of the fish that are in there so when I move I can start again. I really want to get some bolivian rams and love the look of your Red Forest Jewel.

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Thanks, I think they're nice fish too. Even if I do say so myself.

BTW taronga zoo keeps longfin rosey barbs with white cloud in a natural pond in one of the asian cat enclosures. I didn't think they could tolerate cold temperatures (it was late autumn when I visited, just before the elephants moved in), maybe they've been accustomed but I can't imagine so as the enclosure was set up for the fishing cat and not the fish.

I bought Ruby as a runt fish, all brown with some green spots, felt real sorry for the poor bub.

Look at him now not bad for a reject fish, and real easy to take care of, he seems to hang around the kribs (you can just make one out in the background).

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