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XXX2 ft journalXXX

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I will start adding fish after the tank fully cycle .... I know u all love fish just like me lol^^

Plants List:


Didiplis diandra

Rotala rotundifolia "Green"

Rotala indica (Red)

Rotala sp. Nanjenshan


Echinodorus tenellus

X'mas Moss


Glossostigma diandrum<--- will change to HC

Just added 2 more type in there today:

Needle Leaf Java Fern & Mini Riccia

I'm still using the 10k tubes and waiting for the light company to call me -,-

Will have my lily pipe by next weekend ..


Edit: Pic added

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Thx jusdeb~

Kitz that looks amazing!!! and it hasnt even grown out yet!

What fish are you going to put in it?

Put some threadfins in there!!! only $3.30 each from aqua green!

The threadfins look pretty nice, do they swim in school all the time or?

I will get some SAE and ottos for sure...

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Just curious about the rock pile in the back corner....do you have to secure them with glue etc .to keep them in place?

They look great by the way.

The whole tank looks great.

I cant believe you only started this tank on the 31st March. You obviously know what youre doing.

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OMG the lilly pipes look divine. Now tell everyone how much they cost :thumbs: I didn't get time to go to the ADA shop in Thailand... bummer. The tank look great Kitz. Those plants are really growing fast. Hey... save me some cuttings ok.

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