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haydor mini heater 7.5w


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No they dont have a T/stat.

They used to have a website (probably still do ) if memory serves me it only warms the water to a couple of degrees higher so depending on where you live determines how well they work.

I opted to not get one as it can get quite cold here.

But its up to you so check out Hydors site.

Oh if its any help I got an aquaworld mini 25 watt from aquarium products online shop it was only $14.00 + postage which was heaps cheaper than the Hydor.

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yep aussie fittings,

the sensor goes in the water which monitors the temp the heater has no thermostat the box thing is the thermostat so when you set it to the temp you want the box thing turns the heater on and turns it off when it gets above the temp you set

so i figured just plug the heating cord in instead of the heater cause heating cords and that heater has no thermostat alone

im pretty sure its a chinese no name brand so reliability might be an issue

found it on ebay lol (ebay king!!)

price $17 plus $10 delivery


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You are indeed the eBay King! :D

It's a pretty good price. I just wonder if the heater it's designed to work with is the same wattage as the heating cords. Or if it's possible to find out what wattage the heater is then it might be possible to find heating cords of similar wattage. Of course assuming that regardless of the wattage the thermostat still works in a consistent fashion then you might for instance set the controller at 27 deg but find that the containers are only getting to 24. But that would just be a simple matter of accepting that you have to set the controller higher than the temp you actually want. So yeah, I think it should work. Buy, buy buy! :D

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Is this 25watt heater okay to use in say around 3-4Litres?

Im looking for a small heater for my 3 small tanks as its coming up to winter soon and getting a bit nippy at night..

What about Reptile heating pads? Would this be better?

I am on a bit of a budget :D lol so what would probably be the best, yet cheapest brand :D

Thanks heaps!

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I've got a couple of the Hydor minis and also a couple of the 25 watt. They're both excellent in my 8" cubes but the mini might overheat a smaller quanity of water such as you're talking about. The 25 watt is cheaper and has a temp. adjustment but it is 6 inches long so your tank/jar would need to be at least that height.

The Hydors are incredibly versatile....fully submersible. I use mine a lot when I'm doing complete water changes, to keep the fish warm in the bowl while I'm working on the tank.

I've tried a small reptile mat, but they're very expensive and I found them to be ineffective.

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